Professional Year Program Showing The Way For A Brighter Future

Professional Year Program

Are you an international student studying in Australia? Do you want a better, smoother path on your way to shape your career? Do you wish to pursue a job in the field you are working on? If yes, then, let us throw light on the professional year program meant to provide opportunities and various benefits for International students who have applied in academic courses under Australian Universities. This is a wholesome chance for every student who is looking forward to experiencing a training program before starting into the real venture. More like, brushing your skills before you take the ultimate dive!

Australia conducts Professional Yearpertaining to a steady career path. This is a good step towards reaching your goal with proper training and experience. Professional Year is meant to be an all-in-all internship program. This means, you will get proper facilities and training from experts to know how your future job looks like, what the requirements of your job are and how you will excel in your field. However, many international students are not aware of this program.

Who Are Eligible To Apply For The Program?

Students who hold a graduation degree from any Australian University are eligible to apply for this, two years from the completion of their graduation. If you are an international student and have recently completed your graduation, this is the perfect time for you to seek a professional year program.

The span of this course if 44 weeks which includes 32 weeks of practical training programs and internships for 12 weeks where you will learn and acquire knowledge about the specific career choice. Through relevant practical fieldwork, you will build yourself for the job requirements and increase the chance of getting hired by Australian companies.

What Are The Benefits Of PYP?

  • Take this opportunity to gain permanent residency in the land of Australia, the continent of islands and oceans. PYP is offering 5 extra points that validate your residency appeal in Australia. This is a great opportunity for anybody who is not from the country because it takes a lot of applications and formalities to clear a path towards permanent residency. This skillful program will help you achieve a further step towards permanent residency besides a good job.

  • Professional Year Program is a lucrative way to get a taste of the job before getting employed into one. After you finish your graduation, you can enrol yourself in such programs for establishing a better career future. Fields like technical fields and account management demand very sharp and well experienced people. The salary of an average IT employee can be almost $8,000 in the beginning, if his resume does not lack the requirements of proper, formal experience and training. The same holds for a professional year accounting program where you can work under internships to gather enough work experience. This is a win-win situation for both you and the company hiring you. They get the desired ranked employee and you land a good job with a promising earning.

  • Once you undertake this program, you are exposed to a lot of jobs styled according to your wish. You will come across students who are equally looking for proper grooming before blooming and plenty of internship opportunities. These internships are rewarding and help you expand your network with people with similar goals and experiences. This will prepare you for the corporate world.

  • Undertaking a PYC program means preparing yourself for ethical codes of conduct in a corporate workforce. All these years you have studied and have led a life of mirth and free doing. On stepping into professional life, there are certain protocols and rules you need to follow to maintain a proper, formal work image. This affects your Curriculum Vitae (CV) in a positive way and reflects a powerful impact on you when you aspire to soar higher. This internship cum training opportunity grooms you likewise and lets you understand how an Australian professional environment looks like. You learn how to balance work and life through this opportunity.

  • Accounting professional year is a glorious and benefit of the way of knowing how you perceive your upcoming professional field and have a clearer vision of your future. Your proximity in the fields of accounting and various technical fields are tested through your time in the Professional Year Program. The demand for this program is increasing a lot for this reason.

Eligibility Criteria For Applying In This Program

The eligibility is open to anyone who has completed a graduation course in any Austrian University and has fulfilled the following along with

  • A 485 Visa which temporarily lets you stay, do academics and get work in Australia.

  • A minimum score of 6.0 in IELTS with all the bands covered.

  • Fulfillment of assessment programs from an approved organisation.

This program opens ways to your desired career path. This is approved and accredited by the Department Of Immigration And Border Program which gives PYP importance and approval. Grow your professional skills with the program. Expert counselors can be consulted for further information.