Practo Clone – A Crucial Healthcare Business With A Pressing Priority!

Practo Clone

The current scenario shows us the lack of healthcare services across the globe, although everyone strives hard to control the challenging situation people are facing today. It is pretty essential to have a Practo Clone app in everyone’s hand, which is a life-saving application. Yes, the business professionals can build a similar app to Practo and become a Samaritan in saving peoples lives when in need! In the present pandemic situation, people are looking to get immediate consultation regarding health-related issues by staying at home. Staying at home is the safest thing to do to avoid the consequences. So, the upcoming entrepreneurs who want to become a change by bringing revolution are much needed now.

With the surging needs of health services, it is the responsibility of the business professionals to come up with great ideas to overcome the challenges. It is possible only by developing an app like Practo that is the need of the hour. Why do we need a Practo Clone in this circumstance? How will it be more helpful for the users ? What will be the benefits of building a robust Practo Clone for society?. Practo Clone is an on-demand healthcare platform that allows users to connect with doctors or healthcare advisers to get virtual consultations from them in just a click! We shall now dive deep into learning more about the Practo Clone.

Primary Features Of Practo Clone

1.Quick Registration

The new user can get into the application by providing the necessary details such as email id/Phone number and password, or they can use their social media account to sign in to the Practo Clone application.

2.Search Doctors

The users can search for the doctors by providing the location that they are in, which will help them to get information about the nearby doctors, from which you can select one to avail the service.

3.Book Online Appointment

The users can book an appointment online to meet them in a clinic.

4.In-App Chatting

 The users can chat or make a call in case of any emergency via in-app calls or chats only with the registered doctors in the app.

5.Digital Prescription

The users can get their digitally prescribed prescriptions from the doctors.

6.Online Payment

 The users can pay via the online payment option for the services that they have availed from the doctors and pay using any mode of online payment.

7.Ratings & Reviews 

The users can finally choose to rate and write any reviews about the doctors after they have visited them.

Perks Of Deploying A Practo Clone

There are various benefits when it comes to building a solid app like Practo in your healthcare business as it is the more demanding healthcare applications at the present pandemic moment. 

1.Quick Consultation

The users/patients can easily get a quick consultation with just a few easy steps that will result in easy appointments to meet for a direct consultation as well as virtual consultation.

2.Effortless Scheduling Of Appointments

Also, with the special app features, the patients can go for immediate scheduling of the appointments with the doctors at the available slot between the working time of the doctors.

3.Multi-Category Services

As the application has complete specialized doctors for various health categories, it is more convenient to go for any sort of appointments based on the health issue to be addressed.

4.Wide Choice Of Doctors

Once you provide the location, you can choose any of the available doctors registered on the application so that your customers have no need to wait for a particular doctor’s appointment.

5.Safe And Secure

The data or information that you provide in the Practo app is safe and secure. So, there is no need to worry about the security standards of the app.

6.Uninterrupted Healthcare Service

As it is a 24*7 support service, healthcare service can be availed at any time. So, there is no inconvenience for the patients to contact the doctors at any time. 

Factors to Be Considered While Building An App Like Practo

When you have planned to build a robust app like Practo to kickstart your business, it is more important for you to consider various factors that you have to take a look at. Some of the common factors to take into consideration while developing a healthcare service like Practo are as follows.

1.Concept Creation

Initially, you must come up with an enlightening business idea that will bring you more success and makes you stand unique in the business world. So, a great business idea creation will bring more benefits to your business.

2.Know Your Target Audience

While you start a business, it is essential to know your target audience, and the purpose of initiating the business idea and how it will benefit your business as well as your customers.

3.Budget And Funding

Before starting your business, investment is the most crucial thing that you need to completely focus on the budget which is very important to start a business, where you can choose to raise funds for your business.

4.Competitor Analysis

Your competitor is your idea provider who will instigate you to push forward by making you perform extensively for your business success.

5.Legal Documentation

The business that you start should have complete legal documentation as some of the products will definitely require the completion of all the legal requirements done.

6.Technological Advancements

Whatever the business plan might be, you should have to indulge in developing a business application to take your business to heights and to gain more success.


It is finally wrapped up by stating that the most predominant service at the current time is to build a Practo Clone that will have a great impact on mankind. Also, as it serves the patients, an app like Practo is considered to be a life-saving application when in need. So, it is the right time for contemplating entrepreneurial ideas that will definitely bring a difference in the outlook of a business application when it turns out to be a service to people that completely focuses on the curing effect on your customers. It is concluded that choosing to build a robust Practo Clone will help in saving millions as life is completely uncertain!  

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