Plan ahead to make the most of your Las Vegas stay!


Have you been wondering how to make the most of your Las Vegas stay? Irrespective of whether you are visiting for the weekend or for longer, here are a few simple tips to make your trip larger than life without spending a bomb on hotels!

  • Shortlist hotels

Before you sit down to get info on hotels in Vegas, short list the amenities you need, the place you want to stay in Las Vegas and the budget you are willing to allocate to the hotel stay. Make sure to take into account your timing of visit. Weekends at Vegas are more expensive than Mid Week visits. Also the type of stay would impact your cost. For instance hotels in Las Vegas offer

  • Budget
  • Independent & Boutique
  • Luxury
  • Rooms/Apartments/Houses/Condominiums on rent

And charges understandably vary for each as do the services and amenities offered.

  • Go prepared and every moment shall be owned by you!

The easiest way to make the most out of anything is to have prior information. We are here to share some great travel secrets which primarily cover how to get info on hotels in Vegas. The reason why this is of prime importance is because while you would not want to compromise on entertainment at Las Vegas, you could find great hotel stays at a cost that frees your budget to spend elsewhere.

  • Internet is your best friend in this regard.

Look up the hotels and travel websites. Take down references from other travelers. You can accomplish this by calling ahead or by simply arriving at a said hotel on your shortlisted note and letting the reception desk staff, walk you through!

  • Call ahead

Most hotels in Las Vegas have a great customer service call in desk. These function 24X7 and have some amazing staff who would be able to help you out with offering specific plans, offers & promotions.

As you call the hotels, you may also know of availability and other details such as access and transport facilities.

Some hotels may offer shuttle services to and from the airport while some may even extend the same inside the city.

It would also help to find out tours, spas and other relaxation, casinos and gaming offers that the hotel may have. Certain hotels even have tie ups with exclusive premier clubs for golf, equine activities etc and offer the same free of cost to the patrons. Calling ahead can give you a much more rounded set of information for a certain hotel along with options of entertainment and relaxation within its four walls or its associated properties.

Besides the above, there are a host of online forums where travelers to Las Vegas come back to discuss about their experiences.

Several travel guides cover lesser known fantastic hotels are often represented in some great magazines which are sure to help you along the way.

So get info on hotels in Vegas using these cool ways and live up to the Las Vegas adventure!