11 Ways To Grow Longer Eyelashes Naturally

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Eyes are one of the beautiful blessings from God. Eyes are an important part of the body. These are one among the five sensory organs. It is your responsibility to take extra care of your eyelashes. If you have short eyelashes, then your eyes are at risk of getting dirty and unsafe in the places where air pollution is at its peak.

So if your eyelashes are too small and unable to handle the dirty pollution. You must think to grow them larger. To grow your eyelashes naturally long. You must read these 11 tips below;

1. Message your eyelids regularly

If your eyelashes are naturally long. You do not need anything to make them extra long. This means that the health of your eyelashes is good. But if your eyelashes are short and fall regularly, then you must think to stop them from falling. You have to message the eyelids regularly. Your eyelids are just in the upper part of an eye on which eyelashes grow. When you start messaging your eyelashes, the small follicles on them will start growing and in the same way, the eyelashes will start growing faster.

 2. Diet for eyelashes

A balanced diet is important for the health of eyelashes. A diet which does not contain an ample amount of vitamin E can let to breaking or falling of eyelashes. Eat more fruits; low junk foods will help you in growing the eyelashes fast.

3. Use petroleum Jelly to grow eyelashes

 Petroleum is the byproduct obtained from crude oil. This product is very smooth and soft. It has the property of retaining moisture. You must apply petroleum jelly two to three times a day. This will help them to retain moisture and they will not feel dry in a day. This will also help in increasing the length of eyelashes.

4. Drink three to four cups of green tea in a day

 Green tea is a rich source of vitamins and antioxidants. This will help in the growth of your eyelashes. You can also apply the paste of green tea on your eyelids. Apply it on your eyelids with the help of cotton pads twice a day.

5. Use of Aloe Vera juice to grow eyelashes longer

 Aloe Vera juice has been used from ancient times for the growth and strengthens of hair. Apply on your eyelashes at the time of going to sleep leave it overnight on your eyelashes.  Wash your eyes in the morning. To make it more effective add some drops of olive or castor oil in Aloe Vera.

6. Brush or comb your eyelashes regularly

 Regular combing of your eyelashes will help you in the growth of your eyelashes.  If you comb your eyelashes regularly, they will start growing. The combing helps them to have a smooth path for their growth. It is a very simple and effective idea

7. Consume more protein

 Try to eat a protein-rich diet regularly. By eating only fruits and vegetables for eyelashes growth will not help you too much. So you eat eggs or fishes to gain more protein profit for your eyelashes. This will help in the growth of eyelashes also.

8. Regularly cleanse your eyelashes

  Eyelashes protect the eye from dirt particles which are suspended in the air. So you must wash your eyelashes regularly in order to keep dirt away.

9. Do make the overuse of make up

 Eyelashes are sensitive parts of the eyes. If you use too much makeup that will take away the natural look of the eyelashes. It will also damage your eyelashes and will halt their growth. So if you use two to three-times makeup in a week it will harm them. Try to remove the make every day.

10. Stop pulling your eyelashes

 Pulling your eyelashes break they and they start falling fast. While you are washing your eyes to remove makeup do not pull them. A small makeup use is enough for eyelashes to avoid the pulling.

11. Eating of onion and garlic to grow eyelash

 It has been scientifically proven that if you ate onions and garlic on a regular basis your eyelashes will become strong and grow longer.

 You must take care of your eyelashes by following these 11 best tips. These are very effective and proven scientifically.