Nexair Smartwatches for Better Time Management and Health Care


Smartwatches for Better Time Management and Health Care

If you observe the trend of online shopping in Pakistan, the popularity and demand for smartwatches is on the rise, even in the Covid days. Particularly in the metropolitan cities these watches have been selling hot. The sales and figures of online shopping in Lahore as well as online shopping in Karachi are testament to the growing popularity of these smart bands. So what is the reason behind this surge of sales. The reason is simple enough, these watches are convenient.

Why Smartwatches are becoming the Need of the Day and What these are Capable Of

This watch gives you the ease to check the notifications that keep popping up now and then and lets you check messages as well as take calls while on the go. With it on your wrist, you do not have to reach for your mobile, take it out from the pocket, bag or wherever it may be.  So it saves time and is convenient. It is particularly useful in times like when you are exercising or in the middle of a meeting and cannot pick up the phone because it looks rude. But with a glance at your smart band, you get to know which notification, message or call is important or not and if it needs to be attended immediately. Isn’t that making things quicker and simpler in life?

Those who have a hectic lifestyle and can’t be bothered to keep picking up the mobile, for them these smartwatches or smart bands are a saviour. It also works as a good fitness tracker. If you are too busy to go to the gym but want to keep a check on how well you are taking care of your body, these watches monitor your exercise, sleep activity and have other useful health indicators as well.

Band girls

While smartwatches do pretty much everything a smartphone does, they can’t replace one another. A smart band facilitates you and has a different purpose as compared to a smartphone, but nevertheless it is an investment that does pay off.

Nexair SmartWatches

There is something else that makes life simpler and that is the exclusive tech accessories, smartphones and smartwatches from Nexair. When you buy from Nexair, you know you are settling for quality and can have peace of mind that you will get only reliable products; therefore buying from Nexair is risk-free. So here you go. Let’s see what Nexair gives us in the smartphone category.

MI SmartWatches

Nexair brings to you MI smart watches from Xiaomi. A brand that has endeared itself to tech enthusiasts in Pakistan in a very short span of time, by giving quality at the best prices that you won’t get from any other brand. Smartwatches from Xiaomi are one of the most affordable options available in the market that will give you all the necessary fitness tracking features along with simple phone answering mechanisms, navigation and much more. In other words, these watches offer all the capabilities of a luxury smartwatch, but the selling point is that all this comes without a heavy price tag. Since it is a brand that offers the best smartwatches, if you go for these bands, you will be making a worthy investment.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5

If you’re an android user and are thinking about getting an android watch, then Mi Band 5 is your answer. Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is a Xiaomi product. The smart watch price stands at Rs.5,550. It is followed by Mi Band 4 which was also quite popular. This one comes with some improvements to the large dynamic color display and resolution and offers more than 65 dial themes. And there is addition of more sports tracking and fitness features. MI band brings 11 sports modes in all to make you achieve your fitness goals.

Display Screen

Mi Band 5 offers a more vibrant and bright display. It boasts of a vivid 1.1″AMOLED screen which is a bump up in size than its predecessor. The big screen makes the text, messages and everything on the screen more visible.


The band has a sporty yet stylish and sleek look. It works on any wrist size. The Mi Smart Band 5 is light and comfortable which makes it easy  to wear through the night as well.

Improved Battery and Convenient Magnetic Charging

The battery life of this wristband easily lasts two weeks on a single charge, which is pretty impressive. The charging set of Mi band 5 is also improved. The magnetic charging is  easier and more sophisticated. You just have to touch and charge, so you can now say goodbye to long dangling wires.

Mi Band performs various functions for you. Here are some of these.

Outstanding Fitness Band 

The watch has been called the budget fitness tracker champion and is finding the most appreciation for its core fitness tracking features. Its  fitness tracker is ideal for those who enjoy an active lifestyle and need to monitor all-day fitness tracking. Not only does it monitor 24//7 activity, but tracks sleep and offer continuous heart rate monitoring. It can also track your outdoor activities with the help of GPS. Get this to work towards your fitness goals.

In addition to this, it also offers PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence mode), women’s health tracking and stress indicators which makes it easy for women to track their monthly biological processes. With features like monitoring of heart rate and stress meter, this watch becomes a useful accessory.

Monitors Sleep More Intelligently

The band automatically monitors your sleep and even calculates REM sleep (rapid eye movement). It is particularly suitable for those who wish to track the duration and quality of their sleep. To get complete sleep data, make sure to enable the sleep assistant mode in the companion app. This will affect the battery life, but in the morning you can review everything in detail from sleep score, sleep quality analysis and sleep regularity.

Other Functions

You can take a selfie,  play music and find a phone with it. Use it to put on an alarm or to put reminders. It will get you notification from iPhones and Android mobiles. You can control your music with a few taps or check the weather, it is all on your wrist. And you do not have to take it off while taking a bath or when swimming.


It is simple and easy to use with many beneficial features and offers exceptional value for money. If a budget-friendly smart watch with solid fitness features is what you’re looking for, then Mi band 5 definitely meets the criteria.