How To Include Wikipedia In Your Online Marketing Strategy?

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In the present market environment where competition is excessively high all around the globe, the importance of marketing for the startups has even become more crucial. Even the startups that are a unique idea designed to transform the lives of many need to be executed efficiently with a focus on developing an exceptionally good marketing strategy to be a success. Execution of the idea is the main focus in the current marketing environment and the marketing strategy for executing a business idea carries crucial significance.

A productive and high functioning marketing strategy has to be comprised of online marketing up to 80% in the current age. Traditional marketing cannot yield as many leads and cannot help a business access a large portion of the market because the audience body of online platforms has beaten the size of the audience of the traditional marketing platforms.

However, there is a variety of online marketing platforms and a business that wants to design a marketing strategy that would provide the business with high rate results without too much investment would need to pick only the most efficient online platforms for marketing. Otherwise, the marketing strategy will become unmanageable and unfocused, resulting in loss and failure.

To make a list of marketing platforms that will be the most appropriate ones for a particular business, a business needs to analyze its audience as well as its marketing needs to make the right selection. Nevertheless, there are some of the platforms that are ideal and they can be a suitable marketing outlet for all types of businesses. Google Ads and Wikipedia are one of the most prominent examples.

Wikipedia marketing is even a better choice in some way, as it requires a very low amount of investment only once and yet, its productivity is exceptional. Wikipedia is a globally recognized site with a huge audience body who access the site every now and then. The platform does not allow direct marketing but businesses still choose to use it for indirect marketing because of its efficiency.

How to market your company with Wikipedia?

This article is a small guide for new businesses and startups who want to use Wikipedia for marketing purposes and have no idea how to do so. They can go for having a page on the site by passing the notability criteria of the site or can edit the existing pages on the platform to add their company’s name in a relevant content. However, to choose either way for marketing, the companies will have to understand the rules and policies of the site in detail.

The procedure for creating a page on the site or editing an existing Wikipedia article is provided below.

How to create a Wikipedia page Effectively?

Creating a Wikipedia page is a smooth procedure and businesses can opt to do this on their own. However, the companies who want to get it done by an expert Wiki Page Creation Agency can choose to get their assistance by connecting with a good writing agency who offers these services as well. Nonetheless, those who want to explore the procedure and give it a try can read on.

1, Make an Account

make an account

First of all, the company will have to create a Wikipedia account by visiting the site. Companies should always provide authentic information while creating an account on Wikipedia as providing wrong credentials can lead to instant and permanent IP blockage.

2, Topic Selection and Research

topic selection

Wikipedia articles are based on factual details and encyclopedic information about the subject and so, businesses need to collect authentic and credible details about their company to write an article about their company on Wikipedia. Companies should gather all the important information chunks and ensure that they are including in the article in the right order with reliable proofs and evidence.

3, Writing Process and Encyclopedic Style


The writing style that is demanded by the Wikipedia site for the articles is quite different from the commonly required writing style for marketing and blogging. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia and thus, it requires a writing style that would suit its genre. The writer needs to carry out the style that is simple and readable and yet, capable of covering the details and provides sources to prove the authenticity of the information.

4, Proofreading and Editing of Wikipedia Articles

wikipedia editing

Whoever is writing for Wikipedia should never underestimate the post-writing rituals and always proofread and edit their articles before submitting it to the site. Remember that one small grammatical or spelling error in your article can become a big hindrance for your approval.

This is it. Following these four simple steps efficiently can lead you to become a published Wikipedia writer. However, it is important to be patient and try repeatedly to learn how to write for the site.