How To Generate Revenue For On-Demand Business?

How To Generate Revenue For On-Demand Business

Each and every entrepreneur starts their business to reach success. Reason to reach success is revenue. Every entrepreneur starts their business considering how much revenue generated from the business. Revenue is business turnover monthly or per annum. Entrepreneurs can generate revenue from on-demand business.

What is on-demand business?

On-demand business is an online business in which users can order their goods online and receive it at their doorsteps.Through this customer demand is fulfilled by receiving the goods immediately. Mostly on-demand businesses are immensely flourishing in nature.

Goferzone offers you a different on demand business, entrepreneurs can start their business such as food delivery, taxi, grocery delivery, pharmacy delivery, alcohol delivery and delivery all business.

This Script is available for the entrepreneur ready-made. So they can start their business instantly. Developing apps with similar features take more time and money. Compared to this clone script is a better choice to start your business. Admin have to buy this script first and make revenue. Different ways of revenue generated from the script are listed below.

Revenues generated from the delivery script

  • Booking fee

When the user places the order some charge would be charged as a booking fee. This is deducted from the user side.

  • Delivery fee

Delivery script that charges for the delivery of some amount.  Script charges 5% as the service delivery fee.

  • Driver commission fee 

Admin has to pay the driver for each delivery. The amount is deducted from both the driver and store.

  • Advertising fee

This fee is deducted from the store. Script that personalized search results show featured products, while its marketplace ads include banners, coupons and delivery promotions. Advertising makes the store unique from the crowd.

  • Penalty

Stakeholders can cancel the order for a few times when there is an emergency, insufficient goods or mistakenly ordered. If they cancel the order frequently a penalty amount will be collected from them. This is not revenue but this is also considered to be profit. Penalty amount is deducted from store, user and driver but not deducted often.

  • Subscription

This is an additional feature, admin earn revenue by getting a subscription. Using this user got membership from admin to make an order this helpful to reduce the total cost. Admin earnings increase for each subscription made. This is a customizable feature only if admin need it they have to pay for it.

These are the ways revenue can be generated from the on demand business. Goferzone offers you an opportunity to start your business instant online pharmacy delivery service.