How to Build an On Demand Bizzby Clone App For Electricians?

How to Build an On Demand Bizzby Clone App For Electricians

Today everything is a mobile app, many on-demand services entered the world to give the users when needed. The on-demand services have modified the complete lifestyle depending on technology for all their needs. All people who need services can easily book based on the need. People are preferring online to have home services done. This fuelled the Uber For home services for the Electricians app. If you are thinking of developing an on-demand app for electricians that is similar to bizzby, the business model with the different features provided has resulted in the best business on demand.

How On-demand Electricians App Works?

On-demand electricians apps provide the local providers to work for the consumers and provide them a job for their services.

On-demand Electricians App allows customers to complete the household handyman services instantly. The electrician’s app divided into two groups:

  • Service Providers — Service providers will provide services to users. The specific job and the type of service automatically assigned to the provider.
  • Users — Users will be able to post the job in detail for the requirement.

First, the service provider and users will be registered in the app. The handyman should be verified thoroughly. The users will post their job and wait for the service provider to accept it. The service provider can accept or reject the job. After the job selected by the service provider, the handyman should complete the job. The payment can be received after the completion of a job.

Must Need Features of On-demand Electrical App

Booking Page

Booking is an important feature in the handyman app that the users can book the services to be done using that page. The booking can be done very quickly when in need and can schedule the booking for their need. The service providers can see the accepted booking on the job page.

Live Tracking

Users can track the motion of the service provider after the booking is confirmed. Users can navigate them through calls or messages along the path if they take a wrong turn.

Multiple Payment Options

Users can select the payment options like Paypal, Stripe, Wallet, and through COD. To make the customers pay online different payment modes are included for their convenience.

Instant Notifications

Notifications can make their users and service providers informed about the job. Service providers and the users will get notified this is a different interaction between them.

Admin Panel

The total view admin panel is there for the On-demand electrician’s app to manage all the working processes in the application.

Ratings And Reviews

Users and service providers can share feedback with ratings and reviews. Those feedback help to improve the betterment of the business and the user connected to it.

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