How to Fix Fallout 4 Keeps Crashing

How to Fix Fallout 4 Keeps Crashing
Crashing is an annoying and confusing issue, but it occurs frequently. You may encounter various types of crashing such as computer crashing, hard drive crashing, Windows Explorer crashing, Fallout 4 crashing, etc. Though they are different, they are equally frustrating. Today, the focus comes to Fallout 4 crash. If you are a Fallout 4 gamer, you may be familiar with it. The Fallout 4 crashes in different cases with various symptoms. The following section will show you several Fallout 4 crashing cases.

Common Fallout 4 Crash Cases

According to investigation, Fallout 4 will crash in couples of circumstances. Here, I summarize them as follows.
  • Fallout 4 crashes on launch: The game crashes immediately you launch it. In this case, try running Fallout 4 in the compatibility mode.
  • Fallout 4 crashes on Xbox One: The Fallout 4 will also crash on Xbox One. For this, try restarting the game, powering cycle the console, disabling mods, or reinstalling the game.
  • Fallout 4 keeps crashing: Fallout 4 crashes continuously for a period of time.
  • Fallout 4 crashing PC: Fallout 4 makes computer crashing.
What causes Fallout 4 crashing? To avoid and solve the issue, you need to find the possible causes for the Fallout 4 keeps crashing error. The section below will explore that for you.

Reasons for Fallout 4 Keeps Crashing

The reason why does Fallout keep crashing is various and complicated. After looking into a number of real cases, I found the following causes.
  • Hardware issues
  • Improper Fallout 4 settings
  • Improper video resolution
  • Outdated or lost graphics card driver
  • Issues with the present Fallout 4 version

Methods to Fix Fallout 4 Crashing Error

This section will introduce you some methods based on the above causes to fix Fallout 4 crashing error. Now, let’s explore them one by one.

Method 1: Install the Latest Version of Fallout 4

Since issues with the Fallout 4 will result in crashing, developers keep releasing new versions. Generally speaking, the new versions include new features and patches to the known issues. Installing them will let your software run securely and quickly. Hence, you can try installing the latest Fallout 4 version after receiving the crashing error. After that, restart your PC and open Fallout 4 to see if it still crashes. If so, try other methods immediately.

Method 2: Update Graphics Card Driver

As mentioned earlier, missing or outdated graphics card driver gives rise to Fallout 4 crashing PC error as well. Given to that fact, you’d better check if your graphics card driver is up to date or missing as soon as you meet the error. Here are detailed steps for that. Step 1: Open Settings by pressing Windows and I keys, and then navigate to Update & Security section. Step 2: If you find the Updates are available option under the Update status section, it means that your drivers are not the latest yet. In this case, you need to update your driver with the next steps.
Step 3: Press Windows and R keys to open Run utility, and then type devmgmt.msc and hit Enter to open Device Manager.
Step 4: Expand Display adapters by double clicking on it. Right click on the graphics card driver and click Update driver in the pop-up menu.
Step 5: In the next window, choose the Search automatically for updated driver software option. Then the program will update the driver automatically. You just need to wait for the finish of the process.

Method 3: Use Lower Graphics Options 

The Fallout 4 keeps crashing error may happen because of high graphics settings in the game. Hence, it is recommended to set the graphics option to low to troubleshoot the error. How to do that? You are able to set the Fallout 4 to Windowed Mode, or tweak video settings. Tip: The exact operation varies depending on computers and hardware and software combinations.

Method 4: Obtain Abundant Disk Space

To play Fallout 4 smoothly, you are required to meet its system requirements for computer. Actually, it the matter of disk space. As you know, games often require much disk space. There is no exception for Fallout 4 too. The minimum disk space requirement of Fallout 4 for computer is 30GB. Without sufficient free disk space, you may not be able to play Fallout 4 or cannot play it smoothly. The Fallout 4 crashing error is a true example for that. Hence, obtaining enough disk space is vital. If your space is insufficient, try increasing disk space with the given ways in our previous post. After that, run Fallout 4 on your computer again to see if it runs properly. Method 5: Reset Fallout 4 Settings Sometimes, improper video resolution and some other incorrect settings are responsible for the Fallout keeps crashing error. For that, try resetting the Fallout settings. It has been proven to be useful by many gamers. Here is a tutorial to teach you how to do that. Step 1: At first, you should check the computer resolution through Settings. To do this, press Windows and I keys and then click on System icon.
Step 2: Click on Display option in the left pane and then move to the right side of the window. Scroll down the content to find the current resolution of your computer.
Step 3: Then check the resolution of Fallout 4. You are required to adjust the two resolutions to the same. Step 4: Then check Windowed Mode and Borderless options in the Fallout 4 Options window. After that, click OK to save the changes. Step 5: Uncheck the Enable Intro Video or check Disable Intro Video in the Fallout 4 Tweaker window. After unchecking the Enable God Rays option, click the Save button to save and exit the current window. Finally, run Fallout 4 to see if the error is fixed successfully. Now, top 5 methods to fix Fallout 4 crashing error have been illustrated to you. It’s you time to choose one from them to troubleshoot the error.