How Surgical Arm Boards Increase Patient Comfort

Surgical Arm Boards

Most patients who undergo any surgical procedure don’t feel comfortable on the operation bed. This happens due to the bed’s standard shape that doesn’t provide proper support to the patient during the process. That is why the industry experts recommend going for surgical arm boards. These pieces of equipment provide additional comfort to the patient, letting the doctor operate them correctly.

Here are some ways in which these boards increase the patient’s comfort at the time of surgical procedures. It will be best if you learn about the equipment’s benefits, so you will understand how crucial it is for both patient and the doctor.

#1 Stabilizes The Patient

Doctors never know how a patient may react during the surgery. Even though they give the patient anesthesia before operating, stabilization still remains a point of concern for them. However, there is nothing to stress about when they have added arm boards for surgery with their tables. These boards help the doctor in tying up the hands of the patient by using an appropriate strap. Therefore, getting the desired level of stabilization that lets the doctor operate properly.

#2 Patient Positioning

Surgery requires keeping the patient in a specific position until the procedure gets completed. This is the only way doctors can operate them appropriately. But sometimes, it can be challenging to achieve the task of managing the patient in that position. Earlier, some manual help was used for this purpose, which led to complications or problems due to helpers’ mistakes. That is why experts prefer to tie the patient’s hands or legs with the arm boards for surgery. It helps the patient remain in the required place, and the process gets done correctly.

#3 Doesn’t Cause Discomfort To The Patient

The patient may not be conscious during the surgery, but their body functions almost like usual. Hence, they get body aches by remaining in a specific position for long hours. They realize this only when they get back into their senses. In order to avoid this problem, surgical arm boards and table extension pads are used. It helps keep the patient in a comfortable position so that they don’t get any aches or soreness after the surgical procedure gets performed.

#4 Gets Adjusted According To Individual Requirements

Every patient undergoes different kinds of surgery. Thus, their hands need to be kept in different positions, which isn’t possible with the operation table. However, arm boards for surgery make this an easily achievable task. They get adjusted according to the individual patient’s requirements. So the patient won’t have to feel any sort of discomfort during or after the surgery.


All in all, we can state that surgical arm boards help in keeping the patient in a specific position while providing them with additional comfort. This makes it easy for the doctor to carry out the operation without any hassle and lets the patient rest well at the same time. That is why every medical facility should add this piece of equipment to their must-haves’ list so that they can offer proper care to their patients.