How to Edit Your Instagram Stories Once Posted?

Instagram Stories

Instagram is the number one of the world’s largest growing platforms. It has huge statistics that are exceptional in the history of socializing apps. When you first enter this modernized world, you will be taught how you will survive or stand out in this vast crowd, but getting started with Instagram and surviving is much easier.


Instagram is the world’s largest social media based on its great success and widespread. Instagram has over a billion people using it daily to give their daily routine a fresh and fun outlook, making their lives a little more interesting. It allows people to connect by letting them communicate on different topics. This app enables the user to stay up to date on what’s going around the world, the latest trends, and how people are evolving in their lives. It is a very impactful platform that makes people make a positive change in the world.

With every updated version, it includes more and more features for its user to make their experience more exciting. When the most successful one in the stories features developed by the Instagram developers. When this feature was first to launch, people were thrilled to know how it works. With time, people start to use it uniquely with their ideas and perspectives. The stories feature a game-changer for the Instagram community; it let them connect daily and with much more realness.

Why are stories important?

Instagram stories are having a lot of significance in one’s life. It is a literal representation of one’s life or daily routine. The stories give people exposure to a person’s personality of what they like or where they want to travel etc. The stories are shown on the Instagram home page feed. It let people share their wonderful experience with the world. The stories are like a slideshow of what you have done in the whole day; it creates memories for you differently, making them more memorable.

The Instagram stories tools and features:

The Instagram story view features many different tools to make your pictures edit professionally, and the feature includes color grading, filters, and background changes. You can also change the symmetry of your photographs. Making a collage on Instagram story features is also relatively easy. The boomerang feature is quite a new one, and it is quite famous too. It makes your precious moment fun for you to enjoy it. Another one is the text feature, and you can different texts with different font styles also with various colors to give a boost to your stories. The stories also include emoji’s and gifs.

Ways to edit your Instagram stories once posted:

There are very few methods through which you can edit your Instagram stories once posted. They are as follow:

Edit your stories in highlights:

An easy way to edit your stories is by doing it in the highlight bar of your profile page. The steps are relatively easy to follow, and they are directed as:

First, you have to log in to your Instagram account id.

Then click your profile image on the right bottom corner. It will lead you to your profile page.

After that, you can add the story to your highlights.

Then click the story highlight to edit it. Edit the story as you want to

After that, your work will be done.

Redoing the story again:

The one simpler way to edit or hide your Instagram story once posted is just to do it again. It is very frustrating and hard to do, but it will save you from the embarrassment that you will have to face after providing the wrong details or information to the audience.

For doing this, you have to delete your previous story and then post the one with your desired edit.

It is a challenging way, but it is worth it when your viewer gets the right information.

Making a new one:

This is a very angry way to edit your stories. You have to delete the previous one and make a new one that sometimes can get on your nerves, but you have to do it to get the work done.

How the ways will benefit you?

All these above-mentioned ways will help you edit your stories once posted on Instagram, and they are all effortless to flow. The instructions and steps are pretty much simple and easy to understand.


The article comprises the Instagram story feature. It tells us how they have an impact on our lives. The importance of stories and also how they change our daily routines, making them more fun. It also includes story features, and also you can make a change in your picture or video edits. Mainly, it provides ways to solve the issue of how to edit your stories once uploaded. It features quite a few ways to complete instructions and steps to follow to make your problem go away.