How Scholarship Value Categories Based on Category?

Scholarship Value
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What are the Scholarships?

Scholarships act as financial assistance for students in their education at a private elementary or secondary school, college, university or any other academic institution. Some scholarships are awarded as a one-time check, but the others are renewable and are directly sponsored to students for completing their school, college, or university semester. 

Note: Scholarship is not a loan, as these are the rewards a student earns, which they do not need to repay.

Types of Scholarships

Scholarships are of many types, including:

  1. Merit Scholarship- These scholarships are based on:
  • Academic scholarship
  • Athletic Scholarship
  • Essay Scholarships
  • Finding Scholarships

In addition to all this, it is also awarded after considering the special interests of the candidate.

  1. Private Scholarships- These scholarships are funded by private organisations, companies, individuals, service groups, and foundations. Private scholarships can extensively vary depending upon company to company. For instance, a sports academy will always offer a scholarship related to cricket, hockey or any other sport.

Some other types of scholarships include:

  • Average academic performance scholarships
  • Scholarships for minorities
  • Creative scholarships
  • Essay Scholarships
  • Community Service Scholarships
  • Scholarships for Women

Finding Scholarships has become easy, as you can check out the link and search for the ideal scholarship you are looking for!

On What Grounds is a Scholarship Awarded?

Scholarships are awarded after considering different aspects and criteria, including academic merit, athletic and other skill, diversity and inclusion, financial need, etc. Usually, the scholarships reflect the goals and values of the founder of the award. Most of the scholarships are awarded based on merit, just like Abdul Kalam Scholarship for Indian students.

How to Get a Full Scholarship?

To get a full-ride scholarship, you may need a different GPA (Grade Point Average), depending on the type of scholarship you are offered. Especially schools only require the students to attain a certain GPA to get qualified for admission. For instance, The GPA requirement maybe 4 or higher, or they might require a particular class rank. However, if we talk about GPA requirements for scholarships, you need to maintain the GPA and keep it persistent.

There are some aspects that are imperative if you want a 100% scholarship:

  • Search for all the options or platforms where you can avail yourself the opportunity of getting a 100% scholarship
  • Know your strength and weaknesses
  • Submit an impeccable scholarship essay or cover letter
  • Try to make your application unique from other applicants

About Abdul Kalam Scholarship

In this contemporary world, with advancements in technology, several students have become digital leaders who do more than just consuming information. Today’s generation of students synthesize learning and execute those learnings in a collaborative environment. True digital leaders are the ones who not only improve technology for themselves but for the entire world.

The same thing was considered by GIIS (Global Indian International School) by recognizing young talents and encouraging them by offering them the Dr Abdul Kalam Scholarship.

The scholarship tenure is 1 year, and applicable grades range between 5 to 10 for this program. Listed below are the categories, eligibility criteria, and the scholarship value of the Abdul Kalam Scholarship:

I. Category A

a) Eligibility Criteria- National Prizes winner at the annual competition of National Children’s Science Congress. The ranks should range between 1st to 3rd OR National Rank at the Olympiad by SOF/ Robotics Olympiad/ STEM Olympiad amongst top 10 students

b) Scholarship Value- 20% discount on tuition fee.

II. Category B

a) Eligibility Criteria- State Prize winner at the annual competition of National Children Science’s Congress, the rank could be 1st, 2nd or 3rd, OR Part of first ranking teams at ISRO Space Quiz, OR National Rank at the Olympiad by Stem Olympiad/ SOF/ Robotics Olympiad amongst top 20 students.

 b) Scholarship Value- 15% discount on tuition fee.

III. Category C

a) Eligibility Criteria- Top 10 rankers at International / National / State level Robot Olympiad OR National Rank at the Olympiad by Robotics Olympiad / SOF / STEM Olympiad amongst top 30 students OR Top 10 rankers at National / International level operated by big IT companies such as Google, Microsoft, Intel, etc, OR 2 Ranking in teams at ISRO Space Quiz.

 b) Scholarship Value- 10% discount on tuition fee.

IV. Category D

a) Eligibility Criteria- Innovation Award at National or International Level OR Top Rankers State / National / International Level Robotic Olympiad (Amongst first 20), OR National Rank at the Olympiad by STEM Olympiad / Robotics Olympiad / SOF, OR Top Rankers at National / International Level operated by renowned IT giants such as Intel, Adobe, Google, etc, OR 3 Rankings in teams at ISRO Space Quiz, OR National or State level achievement at the CBSE / MOE / National Talent Search Examination.

b) Scholarship Value- 5% discount on tuition fee.