How Can We Use Sleeve Boxes As Display Boxes In Retail Packaging

How Can We Use Sleeve Boxes As Display Boxes In Retail Packaging

One of the best packaging solutions to keep fragile products safe and protective is sleeve boxes. These boxes are made with an exclusive design with two panels, a top panel, and a bottom panel. The bottom panel is used as a placer in which the products are kept safe, whereas the top board is used to cover the bottom panel. Together, the two groups provide an ultimate level of protection to the items packed in them. That is why these boxes are considered the best for the fragile items. These boxes are made with cardboard stock, kraft stock, and corrugated cardboard stock. The bottom sleeve of these boxes can be customized with placeholders and inserts to enhance the protection level. To increase their protection level, several finishing options can be opted for, such as lamination of vinyl. The vinyl lamination on these boxes can be done using transparent or colored sheets.

To add value and appeal to your product, custom packaging boxes are of great help. Sleeve boxes are one of the packaging box styles which are getting popular among brands and customers. No matter what commodities you are selling, they can be used as a display pack in retail packaging. Let us share some ways in which you can change their appearance to make them useful for you;

Give a professional look

In the retail market, you have to face a lot of competition. The only way to stand out from the rest is to use unique packaging boxes. Custom sleeves packs can effectively and professionally present any packed product on the shelves to generate more sales. They are designed to look more attractive and useful. They have separate box and sleeve that is used as its cover. You can buy them at low costs, and by smartly using printing techniques, you can make them appear more branded. You can get some white, blank fits with a product that will be packed in it and use a printed sleeve to give a unique look.

For a classic touch use die-cut

Nobody can ignore the importance of using a die-cut design to create an impactful packaging solution. It is an affordable and most accessible way to revamp a look of a sleeve pack that can seize the attention of the customer in the full availability of different brands. You can design it any way that you want. For a classic touch, you can use a simple design on the front of the boxes to provide a partial view of any item packed in them. It will give an embellished look to the packages that have a luxurious look at the artwork and unique die-cut design.

Printed patterns to catch the attention

Sleeves packages printed with various graphics or texts are an ideal way to catch the clients’ attention. To make them appear more trendy and modern, use patterns as their printings. Nothing can match their appeal and luxurious feel that will add more value to your boxes. You can use a vintage-styled dotted pattern or a floral design in a different color of inks to make them pleasant for sights. You can print a logo, sign, or symbol of your trademark to enhance your brand recognition in the whole market.

Try digital prints

Another useful and easy way to make attractive display sleeve packs is to try various digital prints. It will help to make them look innovative enough to entice customers to pick them up from other similar items placed on the same shelf of a retail shop. It is an efficient technique for both small and big brands as digital printing is a far more affordable choice than any other available option.

They are eco-friendly

Usually, display packages are made eco-friendly to grab the attention of eco-conscious clients. Custom sleeve boxes are flexible and versatile products that can be customized as per different requirements. Using compostable materials such as cardboard, corrugated fiberboard, or kraft, you can make them environmentally friendly. By making them as secure and safe packs, they will uniquely present your product in the market. To enhance your target customers’ experience and make a profit out of it, you can make them appear more branded by making them in plain-brown color.

Make use of foil stamping

In the past, many clients have a wrong concept regarding a foil stamping that it is comparatively expensive than others. By smartly using it to beautify the look of sleeve packaging solutions, you can add to add a touch of luxury in them. Use a gold or silver color foil stamping to print the name of your company to make your products appear more worthy. Another way is you can outline the printings with it add an extra appeal and embellishment to your sleeve packs.

Never underestimate the power of custom-made product packages when you have to sell some items in the retail industry’s competitive market. The smart use of customization can make a simple sleeve pack appear as display boxes to become the center of attention. Use our tips mentioned above to design cost-effective packaging boxes that are not only good for your brand image but can change customers’ perspectives about your manufactured commodity and company.