How Buy Best Christmas Trees for Kids

How Buy Best Christmas Trees for Kids

Christmas is really for kids, and for the kids at heart. So this yuletide season, why not give your little ones a big thrill by letting their tastes and interests determine the Christmas Trees for Kids that enters your home? Here is a guide to help in buying that perfect Christmas tree for your kids.

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Christmas Trees that draw children’s attention

  1. Full Christmas trees – Kids tend to love the traditional cone-shaped tree tapering from a wide base to the point because of its grandness and real Christmas tree feel. Full Christmas trees have lush, traditional Christmas tree profiles. Its size also allows them to hang many of your kids’ favourite toys as decorations.

While most full Christmas trees are evergreens, many also come in fun, vibrant colours such as orange, pink, blue and purple. Designs with candy cane stripes and rainbow streaks are also available and fascinate kids and grownups alike.

Children are also drawn to shiny full-sized Christmas trees. In his search for the “true meaning of Christmas,” Charlie Brown denounced the then-popular aluminium Christmas tree during his 1965 holiday television special. His sentiments resonated with America so loudly he actually ended an almost decade-long trend in bright, shiny trees. Now, metallics are back, and kids definitely love them.

  1. Mini or tabletop Christmas trees – Small trees are a great alternative to a full-sized Christmas tree. At 12 to 36inches, they can fit just about anywhere, and if you want to have more than one Christmas tree in your home, they’re a great addition.

You can find a tree that matches the theme of your bigger Christmas tree or use it to start a new theme. You can set them up on the kitchen table or counter, in the dining room, or even in your child’s room!

Most bedrooms are small so a small Christmas tree could be placed on the chest or dresser. Decorate the tree with ornaments that reflect the child’s interests and use ribbons to carry out the colour scheme.

Small Christmas trees for Kids come in handy for letting your little ones decorate as well. Kids are going to love helping to decorate their very own trees. Mini Christmas trees are becoming quite popular and as a result, there is a wide range of mini Christmas decorations and Christmas lights available.

  1. Animated Christmas Trees – Children love anything magical and rotating Christmas trees are just enchanting! When the tree turns, all the ornaments catch the light and throw it back giving you a sparkling winter wonderland right in your living room.

rotating Christmas tree stand is a wonderful way to show off your ornaments. The golden glittered ornaments sparkle as the tree rotates, each piece getting the spotlight as it came into view.

Some beautiful trees come with a rotating stand, although this can be purchased separately. Stands rotate at a 360- degree angle and come with remote control for your convenience.

You might also consider adding a Christmas tree train set. There is no grander sight than that of a magnificent train set snaking its way around a fully decorated Christmas tree. It’s the type of thing that provokes wonder and amazement in all people young and old.

  1. Musical Christmas trees – Let singing Christmas trees amaze your kids with sound and sight this year. From traditional Christmas carols to the new songs that everyone loves, have your family and friends tapping along with your tree.

Singing Christmas trees come in a variety of styles. You can find animated, cartoonish trees that are sure to be a hit with children or you can find artificial trees that are simply strung with lights that contain a music chip. For people who prefer live trees, a musical stand turns any tree into a singing Christmas tree.

Choosing safe-for-kids Christmas trees  

  1. Pick an artificial tree over real Christmas trees for Kids. Faux Christmas trees are safer when you live with kids because they are often lighter and more stable than real ones and there is less of a fire risk. Children who suffer from allergies may also develop respiratory problems around a real tree.

Also think about the needles that a real tree drops to the floor. Even with the freshest tree, you will still have sharp needles falling. Young children may choke on these needles or if you have a crawler, then they can get poked.

  1. Avoid trees with toxic amounts of lead. You can buy a home lead test kit at most home improvement stores to check the lead levels on your Christmas decorations.

Many Christmas lights on the market also contain high levels of lead, which is very dangerous. Especially around a baby who will touch the lights and put his hands in his mouth.

Christmas lights made in the US are required by law to be lead-free but they can be difficult to find. If you cannot find lead free lights, wrap them deep in the branches of the tree to keep them out of reach.

  1. Check if lights used on an artificial Christmas tree are UL-rated. Those with non-twist light sockets are best. So that if one bulb burns out, the entire string of lights remains lit. Mini-lights should have a warranty that lasts for three years or 3000 hours.

Inexpensive trees often have the lights simply twisted around the branches, which can become unsafe over time. Christmas lights should be attached to the branches with a safety clip.

  1. Pay attention to details such as the centre pole, weight distribution and tree stand. Small trees sometimes have plastic centre poles. These won’t bear much weight, so they are only suitable for very small trees, such as tabletop ornaments.

The weight of the branches must be evenly distributed over the centre pole or the frame of the tree. And the stand must be strong enough to hold the weight of the artificial Christmas tree and the weight of the ornaments firmly in place.

Plastic stands are only suitable for Christmas trees for Kids about two feet tall. Other trees should be placed in a sturdy stand made from quality steel with strong welds or rivets.

Being with little ones in the home does not mean you need to change your favourite holiday traditions. Just decorate with your kids’ happiness and safety in mind and everyone will have a more relaxed and enjoyable Christmas season. Always use best heavy-duty Christmas tree storage bag to store tress so you could use them again and again.