Danielle Cohn Age, Birthday, TikTok, Instagram, Net Worth and facts

Danielle Cohn

To start with, Danielle Cohn is a popular social media personality in America, famous for her Musical.ly videos. She has a YouTube Channel with followers of around 1.47 million. Cohn has won Beauty Pageants twice in her career.

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Quick Summary of Danielle Cohn:

As already mentioned, Danielle Cohn is a famous online reality star and a model in America. She attended modeling competitions and won Miss Florida Jr. Preteen Queen. 

Watch her videos on YouTube Channel and Musical.ly, where you can get her interesting singles and videos. Read the latter part of the article to get more information about Danielle’s personal and professional life.

Quick Facts About Danielle Cohn

  • The Early Life of Danielle Cohn

She was born on March 7 in Florida, and there is no information regarding her birth year. Different sources have different information about her year of birth. Her parents’ names are Jeniffer Archambault and Dustin. Her zodiac sign is Pisces. 

Cohn has an American Nationality. She has the born name, Danielle Haleigh Cohn. 

  • Education Life of Danielle Cohn

There is no much information available about her schooling and higher education. In 2018, Cohn shared little information about her education. She was enrolling in online education classes at a Christian School.

  • Personal Life of Danielle Cohn

In 2017, the social media personality was dating Owen Bodnar and Sebastian Topete. In November 2019, she got a new boyfriend Ethan Fair, a TikTok Star. His boyfriend appears in many of her music videos. Danielle dated Mikey Tua after Ethan Fair. 

Cohn shared many videos about her ex-boyfriend. In one of her videos, she shared that she faces many problems with Mikey. It is a YouTube video ‘My Relationship Status’. Mikey’s mom tweeted posts against Danielle. Many problems were going on in the relationship between Dani and Tua. 

Danielle Cohn

Currently, she dates Mikey Tua, an American actor from Washington. Within two years, Danielle dated three persons.

About Danielle Cohn’s Professional Life

  • What is Danielle Cohn’s Career?

The Florida-born girl has a great passion for music. At a young age, she was taking music classes to grow her passion. After becoming an expert in music, she was uploading her music videos on her YouTube Channel.

Danielle became famous for her Musical.ly videos and gained almost 10.5 million followers on the same platform. In 2017, she released her first single video, Marilyn Monroe. Some of her albums include

  1. Little Like Paradise
  2. Fix Your Heart
  3. Hate on the Summer

Dani is a model for top brands in the USA. She participated in beauty pageants and won twice. She was working with top brands namely

  1. Fashion Nova
  2. Juicy Culture Clothing
  3. BMG Modeling Agency
  4. Lisa B Jewelry
  5. Target

Dani won Miss Florida Jr. Preteen in 2015. She was a contestant in the National Modeling Competition in California. The celebrity was having a modeling contract in Miami Agency. Dani works in several professions. She owns an online store where she sells accessories and other things.

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What is Danielle Cohn’s Net Worth?

As of 2019, the social media personality owns a net worth of around $3.2 million. She owns a house in LA worth $1.4 million.

What are Danielle Cohn’s Body Measurements?

Dani’s height is 4 feet 11 inches. She has light brown hair and dark brown eyes. Her ethnicity is white.

What is Danielle Cohn Age :

As of 2020 Updated Danielle Cohn real age is 16 years 7 months 29 days old. Total 6,087 days old now.

Danielle Cohn Bio/Wiki and Facts

Real Name Danielle Cohn
Birthday March 7, 2006
Birthplace Florida
Danielle Cohn Age 16 years Old (As of 2020 )
Nationality American
Birth Certificate Yes
Profession American musician, Internet personality, TikTok
Dating/Boyfriend Mikey Tua
Height 5′ 0″
Salary/Income $56373
Net Worth $2 Million
Parents Jennifer Cohn, Dustin Cohn
Siblings Chad Cohn

The Bottom Line:

To sum it up, Danielle is active in multiple businesses. Her personal life stays in mystery now.

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