Custom Printed Corrugated Boxes Makes The Packaging Experience Memorable

Custom Printed Corrugated Boxes

In the past, packaging was just merely a need to protect the products. But in recent times, packaging has become an important aspect in almost every field. Custom packaging solutions have made it convenient for people to store, pack, or send different items quickly and efficiently. 

Custom corrugated packaging is one of the extensively used packagings worldwide. These corrugated cardboard boxes are beneficial in many ways, from keeping to shipping various products. These boxes are manufactured in a way that they are structurally firm and visually impressive.  

Revolutionize The Ways Of Packaging With Custom Corrugated Boxes!

Organizing various items and delivering them from one place to another is a very challenging and difficult task. But now, in this modern world, custom packaging boxes made it easy for people. There are tons of material options for manufacturing custom packaging boxes, but custom printed corrugated boxes are always in demand. 

Corrugated boxes are made of several layers of Kraft paper. It is a robust, rigid, and lightweight material. Due to several protective layers, it is the perfect and ideal choice for packaging. Custom corrugated packaging is widely used, and the most commonly sold packaging in the world. It is the manufacturer’s first preference when it comes to the protection of products.   

Single wall corrugated cardboard boxes are widely used during shipping and transportation of various products. Because they are strong and durable enough to keep the products safe from shocks and jerks. However, corrugated cardboard boxes are considered the best option for packing and storing various items during import-export and in retail stores. 

These boxes have extra protective layers which ensure that the products remain safe from environmental effects such as humidity, moisture, and pollution. These boxes have a perfect grip, and they also hold the product in its proper place. 

They are not only stronger as compare to other materials but are cost-effective. However, it is lighter in weight, which makes it ideal for shipping purposes as it can be moved easily from one place to another.

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Corrugated Boxes Are Ideal Choice As They Are Suitable For Wide Range Of Structural Changes

Unique shapes and elegant styles are always pleasing to customers. People prefer to see new shapes and designs in the market. However, these corrugated boxes are available in different shapes and sizes. 

These boxes are highly customizable and can be trimmed, folded, and scored to get the desired shapes or sizes. You can also add handles, extra slits, and cushion sleeves to these boxes for easy handling and greater flexibility. 

These boxes’ designs and conditions must be attractive and interesting enough to bring your brand into the limelight. Therefore, you can select different styles of unusual styles for the packaging, such as;

  1. Tuckend boxes: These boxes look classy and outstanding for packaging. Moreover, they can be customized in straight or reverse tuck-end.
  2. Twopiece boxes: These boxes have a detachable upper lid, which makes it easy to open and close the box. These boxes give excellent protection to the product inside.
  3. Pillowstyles boxes the unique pillow shape of these boxes make them look enchanting and eye-catching. These shapes are used for mostly gift purposes.  Moreover, you can also choose other designs, including; gable boxes, mailer boxes, sleeve boxes, and hexagon boxes.

Vibrant And Colourful Corrugated Boxes Are Extensively Used For Gift Packaging

No matter how good packaging material is or how beautifully the box is designed, it won’t grab the audience’s attention if the packaging is colourless and looks dull. Colours are vital for packaging and create a long-lasting and positive impact on the buyer’s mind. Choosing a perfect colour scheme for your boxes just according to your product is essential.

Therefore, to give a colourful and vibrant touch to your custom corrugated cake boxes, you can go for different colour models. Attractive colour schemes make your boxes look refreshing and visually appealing to the customers. 

This step should be done carefully to get perfect results. You can choose the CMYK model; as the name suggests, it consists of four colours (Cyan, magenta, yellow and key black), or you can go for the PMS model; it has a range of different colours. However, it is comparatively expensive.

Provide Gleamy And Luxurious Finish To Corrugated Boxes With Beautiful Coatings

Sometimes corrugated boxes have to store sensitive products that might get damaged easily due to other environmental harms. Coatings are advantageous in this regard. They give a smooth and decent look to the boxes. 

Different coatings options, such as Glass Coatings, provide a shiny and shimmery look to the boxes. On the other hand, Matte Coatings add a non-shiny and straightforward look to the boxes.  Spot UV coatings are used to give a luxury touch to the boxes. They help to pop out the logos, titles, or captions. 

Moreover, if you want to give a luxurious look to the custom printed corrugated boxes, you can also go for gold/silver foiling. Also, foiling can be done in any other colour.

Printing Corrugated Boxes Doubles The Deal!

The demand for custom corrugated boxes UK has increased to a great extent, and therefore a number of companies are working hard to fulfil the growing needs of customers and to stand out among others. 

However, customers nowadays demand perfect corrugated packaging! Great packaging is necessary for manufacturers to make their brand prominent and customer satisfaction. However, due to high competition, many brands are struggling to attract buyers and to generate more sales. 

Therefore, it is necessary for your brand to have unique and distinctive corrugated packaging for greater success.

Printing corrugated boxes will greatly impact the potential buyers. To grab the attention of the buyers, you can print your custom boxes with attractive and eye-catching images. Moreover, you can print these boxes with striking designs or taglines. 

Printing is a profitable and beneficial way of marketing the product. Great and effective printing designs are economical for the brand’s promotion.

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Custom corrugated boxes printed with the brand’s logo will create a positive image of your company and provides your brand with recognition, among many others. You can use different printing options such as digital printing, offset printing and flexography.

Offset printing is an old and ink-based process. It is cost-effective and is suitable if you are printing in bulks. However, digital printing and flexography are new trends. These are quite expensive and give high quality, pigmented results.