Are Car Jacks Safe To Use by Yourself?

Car Jacks

A car jack is an essential tool that allows you to change tires and perform other maintenance tasks on your vehicle. There are some situations where you can use a jack by yourself, but you’re almost always safer working with another individual nearby. Find out how to use a car jack and jack stands safely and what situations are the best fit for these helpful tools.

Situations Best Fit for Car Jack Stands

A car jack by itself can be fine if you’re changing a tire on the side of the road and don’t have any jack stands with you. As long as you’re not going under the vehicle, a car jack by itself can help you perform your maintenance task.

For any task where you need to go under the vehicle, be sure you have car jack stands. These sturdy items don’t have the same risks of sudden failure as a car jack. As long as you use jack stands properly, you don’t have to be concerned with your car falling on you.

As you shop for oil and oil filters for your next DIY oil change, be sure to add car jack stands to your list. Other situations where jack stands are helpful include brake repair, engine maintenance and front-end DIY projects.

How To Safely Use Jack Stands

It’s safe to perform an oil change or other maintenance task with car jack stands on your own, as long as you practice safe jack stand use. Start by selecting stands that are rated for your vehicle weight rating. It’s best to use a floor jack instead of the jack that comes with your vehicle.

Find a level, hard surface to park your car on. Your garage floor is a great place to maintain your vehicle, but you can find a suitable place outside a garage if you don’t have space for a maintenance task. Allow your car to fully cool down before working in the engine compartment or other area where parts heat up with use.

Place the floor jack under your vehicle and position it at the OEM jacking point. Lift up your vehicle until you can put the jack stands under OEM jacking points. Improper jack placement can damage your vehicle and put yourself at risk.

Perform a jack stability test before and after removing the car jack. The stands should be firmly under the jacking points and not able to wiggle or slide out from under your car. Verify your floor jack has the full weight of your vehicle before removing jack stands and lowering your vehicle to the ground.

Prepare for Your Next Auto Maintenance Task Today

For additional safety, consider inviting a friend over for your auto maintenance tasks. Use a free VIN lookup to find the components you need for your next auto maintenance task today.

Enjoy a safe, efficient repair in the comfort of your own garage with a high-quality car jack and jack stands. Follow these steps to ensure a safe and stress-free car lifting and maintenance project in your garage or parking area.

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