Can You Claim Compensation During Lockdown?

Can You Claim Compensation During Lockdown?

These days are not normal. The pandemic has gripped all over the world which is making great challenges for humanity. The accidents and mishaps see no pandemic or any crucial situation. They come on their own and burden the existing situation. The most common question which arises at this hour is that whether one can claim the compensation during a lockdown or not. In the time of lockdown, it is advised to hire a no win no fee solicitor. No win no fee solicitor means that if the compensation claim which you made turned out to be unsuccessful then you do not have to pay the fee of the lawyer’s services. In a ‘no win, no fee’ agreement, the concerned lawyer hold the responsibility to take out an insurance policy on behalf of his client.  Before the case, it covers all the costs which suffered during the compensation claim. The costs contain the fees of court, medical reports, and all other relevant expenses. The individual claiming the personal injury compensation claim will not face any buried burdens or bills for expenses incurred during the compensation claim progression.

There is nothing in which one can shy off in claiming compensation. Compensation is made against any loss which one faces. The lockdown type situation does not hurdle away from the claim of the person regarding any loss over time. Almost all reputed companies are paying wages to their employees which is a clear sign that lockdown has nothing to do with the paying modules.

The common question arises that why it is important to keep the claim of compensation during the lockdown. The answer is all simple. Lockdown means no to outdoor activities and no such performance which required interaction with other people. But this does not imply that authorities are free to make the open choice for the people. Authorities are bound to respond to the people and compensate as per the rules and regulations.

Keeping people away from their compensation right is equal to curb their basic rights. For instance, a home-based worker is equally entitled to the compensation just as the regular employee. The same goes for accidents or any misadventure. If any of the home appliances got dysfunctional the customer has total right to demand the compensation from the concerned authorities. Likewise, if any unwanted event happens due to miscalculation or by fault, the guilty one is obliged to pay off.

To make the public in a less panic-like situation, it is important to keep the flow of compensation at a normal level. If any authority curbs the compensation right from the people it only creates panic and helpless which results in a depression on a larger scale. The compensation right in the calamity like situation gives hope and a sense of security to the people. They do not feel helpless and no way out. People can always see a brighter side even during dark times.