Bloom Your Mind for Pregnancy with Kundalini Yoga Beliefs

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Conceiving a child is the grace of God. It often takes some nurturing for pregnancy to occur. Being a yoga enthusiast, I have been helping mamas prepare their minds for conceiving. 

I have always suggested the aspiring mamas to mind their energies. Energies play a divine role in conceiving, nurturing and bearing a child. 

The emotional, as well as physical pain during miscarriage is more than what our eyes meet. Besides a good doctor’s observation, do not forget to revive the positive energies you carry. 

Holding soothing cosmic flow helps in easing labor, child-bearing, and postpartum anxiety. 

If you had ever been a part of the Yoga Teacher Training in India or any other yoga destinations, you might be aware of prenatal yoga.

Prenatal yoga works on the same concept of resonating with energies. 

The peace of mind is vital to receive what you desire.

Meditation, yoga, and chanting infuse the mother with immense peace to endure the termination of pregnancy.

Not only the pregnancy but these ancient practices of India are boon if you want a healthy child and an easy delivery.

If you dream to conceive a child then add the below Kundalini tips to your pre-parenting schedules:

The Powers of Prayer:

If you really believe, you will definitely receive it. The power of prayer is now been scientifically proven to work. Although the practice of prayers was always considered to be too hard to focus on, scientists are also amazed by the results of meditation and prayers. 

This chain of manifestation is believed to run on the law of attraction. If you will ask something from the supreme divine with all your heart, you will receive it. 

The only mantra you need to remember while manifesting a child is to create serene energy inside you and let it reflect the higher self. 

Let the love and compassion of your prayers be the messenger to God. 

You need to focus and ask the universe with your unconditional love. The universe is a palace of life, and will surely listen to your craving for being a mother.

If you believe, you receive:

Doctors are intelligent enough to comprehend your anatomy effectively, but there had been several cases where miracles of conception have surprised the doctors. 

Time and again aspiring mothers have been told by the doctors that they are not having a healthy reproductive system to conceive a child. 

Do not worry, if one science denies the other science can have the solutions. 

Even if your doctor has given you a really critical comment, just breathe it out and walk away with enough grace and hope. 

You just need to search your answers in the universe. Go home, sit, meditate and relax. Do not attract the thought that you can never be a mother. If you decided to be a mother then you will be. 

Ask and allow the universal energies to flow within you through Kundalini yoga and meditation. Make your soul ready to be a mama. Doctors can always be intelligent but they cannot be right every time. Miracles are not understood by the intellect. There are many other sciences and powers revolving in the universe that can make anything possible if understood correctly.

If you are thinking about black magic, then you are WRONG!

Be a part of Kundalini yoga, meditate and attract. 

Everything affects energy fields before touching the physical field:

Our body is a lot beyond what we just see. Have you ever thought what the circle behind the portrait of any deity is? A God thing? 

No- this is the reality of every human. If you are aware of your powers you will be your own God. 

No one has yet seen the physical appearance of God, it is just what we see in portraits or idols that hardly have any evidence of authenticity. 

God is the supreme divine filled with universal energy. He is someone who is well-aware of his spiritual and earthly duties and also the powers. He is the one with no shape or face, abiding us under his grace. 

Humans like us, have energy fields around us rightly known as the aura. The type of energy we conceive defines our aura. 

We need to clean our energy fields to manifest a miracle of conceiving a child. 

The only way you can realize your powers and attract your generous desires in the universe is to reap the benefits of ethnic healing and meditation techniques like yoga. 

Nurture the miracles with love:

What you feel, you become. If you are filled with positivity and compassion, you will reflect the same to the world. It is always generous to share our love. 

Just like seeds blossoms into a beautiful flower, our heat evolves when we let our love flow into the peaceful world.

You reap what you sow; yes happiness pays you back with greater rewards than expected. 

Flush out the hatred, break the boundaries of selfishness and allow the love flow in. Exchange the warmth of your good soul. Let your energies be more powerful and connected to the higher self.

The only key that drives all the benefits of Kundalini yoga is your inner purity. 

Metamorphose your love and allow your journey to be smooth and healthy.

Let it go, Release it:

The longing for conceiving a baby can be a solitary journey. The groups we live in can trigger you with a lot of sadness. The social media loaded with children can induce them to rethink the practices and sometimes also to give up. 

Even if you have once been a mother and want a second child or if you want to live your first pregnancy, do not give up.

Take a breath, wait and release. Do not let any materialistic object to lose hopes. Kundalini is a miracle that demands patience. 

Mediate and repeat! Everything is fine. Not only manifesting a conception but also if you are in any phase of life struggling with the outer world and ideas, just relax and breathe out. 

The more you are happy and positive the more you will attract good. 

Hold on and let the divine turn its wand. 

Follow the following piece of Kundalini to get what you desire:

  1. The Lion Claw:
  • Sit along with your spine straight and tall. Connect with the drift of your in-breath and out-breath. Gently draw your chin lower back, lowering the curve of your neck.
  • Make your fingers into the lion’s claws by way of curling and tightening the fingers of each hand. Maintain the tension in the palms all through the whole exercise.
  • Inhale deeply as you stretch both arms instantly out to the sides, parallel to the ground, with your claw/paws dealing with upward.
  • Exhale and swing your hands up overhead and slightly forward so that your fingers crisscross every other above your forehead and 
  • The palms grow to be curving down closer to your head.
  • Inhale and convey your fingers returned to the starting role in Step 3, with arms out to the sides.
  • Repeat the movement, allowing your breath to direct the movement. Alternate one wrist crossing in front, then the different. Continue with a rapid movement for 1 to 9 minutes.
  • Now open your mouth, stretch your tongue out and down, and hold the movement at the same time as breathing via the mouth for 15 greater seconds.
  • Keep your mouth open and stretch your tongue out. Maintain the claw grip, however now stretch your fingers overhead and outward at a 60-degree angle as you exhale your breath absolutely and forcefully out of your lungs.
  • Hold your breath out for so long as you can, for up to 15 seconds.
  • With the palms and tongue within the identical function, inhale deeply and keep the breath in for 30 seconds.
  • Exhale slowly and consciously through your nose as you loosen up your fingers down, permitting your breath to come lower back to normal.

Miracle Breath

  • Sit in a cross-legged position along with your eyes closed.
  • Place your hands face-up in your knees.
  • Begin breathing deeply and slowly, permitting your inhalation to touch the bottom of your backbone and the exhalation to reach the pinnacle of your head.
  • Pucker your lips, making the middle of your mouth as small as a pinhole and positioning the top of your tongue properly behind the pinhole.
  • As you draw for your breath through your puckered lips, direct a cold movement of air to hit the very tip of your tongue.
  • Consciously pull the diaphragm down into the abdomen as you inhale.
  • The key to Miracle Breath is to pucker so much that you create a resistance to the airflow even as increasing the diaphragm. This substantially strengthens the diaphragm and lungs. 
  • Breathe step by step and calmly however powerfully at the identical time, feeling the cool circulation of air hit the top of your tongue.
  • Once you have got inhaled completely, close your lips, keep your breath, and move the tip of your tongue in order that it touches the highest factor of the higher palate.
  • Press your tongue gently but firmly towards the roof of your mouth as you calmly preserve the breath in for so long as possible.
  • When you are geared up to exhale, allow the breath to break out as slowly as you likely can via the nose. Take it slow so the breath emerges in steady, slow circulation.
  • Once the breath is completely out, once more calmly droop the breath for so long as you’re effortlessly able.
  • Repeat Steps 2 through five for 1 to 5 minutes.
  • Then inhale deeply, the region the tongue in opposition to the roof of your mouth, and maintain your breath in. 
  • Exhale slowly via the nostril and keep the breath out.
  • Then slowly inhale and breathe normally.

Besides relying on medical science, work on your energy fields. Do not get shattered by the critical views of others. There are many instances in my own family that had been denied to be the mother by the doctor. 

Empower yourself by soaking the serene energies of kundalini yoga. Kundalini will also help you in 2ndtrimentster and 3rdtrimester. Kundalini is not just to help you in conceiving a baby but also helps you in the whole process of child bearing.  Practice meditation and pranayama to attain what you believe. 

Author’s bio: Dhruv Sharma is a yoga enthusiast. He imparts his yogic journey in 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training In India. Moreover, he is a well-known yoga instructor at an advanced level of Yoga Teacher Training Course in India. He loves to write and share some pieces of his real-life experiences. He is inspired by Kundalini yoga practices and motivates several mamas to reap the benefits of the powers of Kundalini.