How Yoga Helps You to Work Out From Your Comfort Zone?

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Life can really get repetitive and monotonous. This is a loopy situation for many as they have no idea how they should start with making way for new experiences. A monotonous routine is unhealthy in so many ways and mainly because the routine tames us to find comfort in everyday situation, we think if we’re going to do this every day, why not do it in a comfortable fashion. And once that mentality takes over, it becomes very difficult to find our ways out of the comfortable mould we have poured ourselves into. And it is mentally damaging as change is an inevitable thing and it becomes hard to accept change if us, being in our comfort zone resists this change that could make us healthier or better in many ways.

One can vaguely make the sense and realize the fact that there is something wrong with their routine and that they are becoming distant to themselves everyday as they follow the same routine day after night for years at a stretch. The stagnation of the mind can affect the collective growth of a country or any place. Hence it is very essential that people get out of their comfort zones time and again and induce the changes that are free-flowing into their lives.

As a wise man once said comfort is an addiction that is going to drown the world into an immobile and greedy swamp. Revolutions need to be made, changes need to be welcomed with open hearts and minds, voices need to be heard and paid attention to, and if you are too comfortable in your zone, then you are one with the oppressor in any situation.

Yoga has been of great help in motivating people to step out and move out of their comfort zone. If you are still in you comfort, you will notice that your body movements are limited, your vision is constricted, your decisions are very easy to predict and your perception of life is in a monotone color. People who live in their comfort zones are usually not very content with what they look like or what their health status is.

Yoga is a great way to start the movements in your body and make decisions of change, something you never imagined would be your way of doing things. When you practice yoga, the various movements of the body and the challenge of the mind to observe every movement you make, shows you that there are different ways in which you can move as well and that your expression in life does not have to be restrictive.

This is why yoga has gained international fandom, with around 15000+ yoga enthusiasts joining the world yoga association annually. Destination yoga retreats are a great way to kick starts your yogic journey if you are a first-timer. There are a plenty of yoga courses in Nepal to choose from. Yoga retreats in Nepal are an awe-inspiring as you get to practice yoga and wellness in the heart of the Himalayan country of Nepal.

So how does yoga help you work out of your comfort zone?

Yoga brings with it new perception:

Anyone who has benefitted from the practices of yoga knows the deep mental cleansing that happens with the practice of yoga. Every day, the stress and the instability are soothed by a focused yoga session along with meditation in the end. When you can wear off all your stress and anxiety through sweating and concentration, your mind makes space for newer things to happen and hence you start to create a fresher sense of perceiving the world.

Yoga accentuates your presence:

Yoga is a great practice to work on your alertness and while a monotonous routine can fade you away from your own self, a daily session of yoga brings to you all the concentration and focus you need in your life to feel present and conscious at all times of the day.

Stretching helps you break away from the clumsy posture:

With years of following and routines, your body develops a certain kind of slouching posture. The muscles and nerves start to knot and get tensed around the areas of the body that undergo a lot of stress and tension. Yoga and the many Asanas within the practice all work on your body movement and body posture. While yoga corrects the body posture and makes it stronger framed, it also help release the stresses and the knots from these pressure areas.

Re-connect with the beauty around you:

A monotonous lifestyle brings you to attach yourself too desperately to materialistic things around you that you use on a daily basis. This restricts you from not taking any time out for your own leisure. You start to lose interest and things start to become dull around you. Yoga freshens up your entire mood and hormones so that you are more present and available to appreciate the beauty in small things around you, and your mind is in process of learning to express better