15 Characteristics of Outstanding Preschool Teachers

Preschool Teachers

Make sure your kids have a wonderful learning experience when they enter preschool. Look for the following characteristics. By ensuring that the school has an awesome staff of teachers, you can rest easy, knowing that your children are in good hands. 

Here are 15 characteristics that the best teachers have.

Develops Relationships

Teachers at the best schools in Singapore develop a warm and friendly relationship with their students. That goes a long way towards creating trusting relationships with the kids and contributes to building a safe, positive, and productive learning atmosphere and environment. Students know that if they have problems, their teachers will be willing to listen and help. 

Patient Personality 

You can’t be a preschool teacher if you aren’t patient. Teaching kids require a ton of patience at times. Sometimes, they don’t want to follow the rules. They just want to play. They want to tell jokes or sleep. The best teachers don’t force these kids to follow. Instead, they patiently go over the school rules while finding better ways to engage the student. 

Kindness to Students

This isn’t just about being warm to the students. Rather, it’s understanding that not all students learn at the same rate and they take that into consideration always. That awareness, that sensitivity to what the students needs, is a form of kindness.    

Has High Expectations 

Teachers who love their students don’t baby them, though. They want the kids to achieve their goals. That’s why they hold high expectations of them. They don’t set limits on what their students are capable of because they believe with enough effort and hard work, the kids will succeed. By consistently holding their students to the highest standards, they encourage and motivate the kids to do better

Believes in the Kids

The belief they have in their students is so strong that it changes everything. For kids who suffer from low self-esteem, who grapple with a ton of insecurities, who think they aren’t good enough, hearing just one person say that they believe in them, that they can do it, is enough to build that student’s confidence. This teaches kids to believe in themselves, too, in what they are capable of and that helps them achieve success in their efforts, whether in their academic endeavors or extracurricular ones. 


The most effective teachers don’t rely on traditional teaching methods and styles. They think outside the box. They are creative enough to continue to find ways to teach their students, so the kids won’t end up bored or sleeping in class. 


These teachers master their tools—including online and smart technology apps, gadgets, and more—to ensure a wonderful learning experience for the children. They don’t stop there. They’ll keep learning and finding ways to improve the study experience and learning environment, especially now that lessons have shifted to online classes. That’s the kind of teaching staff you can expect from an excellent international school


Instructors who give out fair grades are among the best. They give the class clear requirements. They don’t assume that the kids will already know what they mean, so they take the time to explain the items, ensuring that they and their students are aligned. They also provide all the students with equal opportunities to shine in the classroom. They treat all the kids fairly. Meaning, they don’t favor one student over all the others and neither do they pick on one over all the others. 


These teachers love what they do. They have a passion for the work. That’s a huge part of why they’re committed to the success of every student. They look at their jobs as opportunities to help the kids achieve their goals. 

Displays Personal Touch 

They are approachable. They connect with the students personally. They also allow and encourage students to share experiences in class to find out how they’re doing emotionally. They take the time to talk to the students outside of the classes. 

Gives a Sense of Belonging

These teachers make every student feel welcome and comfortable in class. They know that kids warm-up and learn better when they feel that they belong, so they cultivate that in their classes. 


They are concerned about the problems and issues that affect their students. They reach out to help. They find ways to make the students feel that they have the help they need. Their compassion often has a lasting and profound impact on the kids. 

Has a Sense of Humor 

The best teachers know how to make their students laugh. Humor puts kids at ease right away. They break the ice with humor and bring fun to their classes nearly every day. That also makes their sessions special and memorable to the kids.

Respects Students

The most effective instructors don’t embarrass their students. If they need to correct someone’s behavior, they will do it in private. They don’t believe in setting an example. Rather, they are sensitive to the emotions of the kids and use other ways to manage disruptive behavior in class.