Your Varifocal Glasses Questions Answered

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At times, wearing glasses can be difficult enough without having to switch between prescriptions and single vision lenses. This constant swapping of glasses can really leave you feeling irritated, not to mention attempting to keep track of all your separate pairs.

That’s where varifocal glasses come in handy. But what is a varifocal, how does it work and how do I use them?

Varifocal Glasses – An Introduction

Having a pair of varifocals glasses means you’ll no longer need to switch between prescription and single vision glasses when performing different tasks. The benefit of this particular lens is that it can be used for reading and viewing distances, as well as everything else in-between. The varifocal lenses, also known as progressive lenses, pretty much assure perfect vision throughout the day. 

How Do Varifocals Work?

Varifocal glasses feature a gradual change in strength. This occurs from the top to the bottom of the lens with multiple focal points in between. Typically, a varifocal would prove useful when you have two prescriptions for distance and reading. 

It’s this gradual change that sets varifocals apart from bifocals, as the latter features a clear line that separates the reading and distance segments of the glasses. This line is not present on varifocals which adds to the cosmetic appeal of the lens.  

How Do I Use Varifocal Glasses?

Varifocal lenses might sound complicated, but they really are very simple to use. 

The frame is positioned in a very specific way. As you look through the top of the varifocal lenses, you will be able to view items in the distance, bringing them quickly and sharply into focus. 

To read, simply lower your eyes so they are peering through the lower part of the lens. 

Finally, staring through the middle section of the glasses will allow you to take advantage of the intermediate power range. This can prove very useful when driving or looking at items that are closer to you. 

Switching between the different sections of the lenses is simply a matter of moving your head. See; easy, right! 

Will I Need Time to Adapt to Varifocal Glasses?

Switching to a varifocal lens might seem like a difficult task, but it’s easier than you might think and quicker, too. The vast majority of varifocal wearers (around 98 per cent) will adapt to their lenses within a matter of hours. Some wearers might take slightly longer to adapt. If you find yourself struggling to adapt to your varifocals after two weeks, it’s advisable to visit an optician. 

Can I Add Varifocal Lenses to My Current Frame?

Almost all reasonably sized frames can be fitted with varifocal lenses, providing there is enough room to accommodate all three fields of vision into the lens. Larger eyed frames are recommended, as these will provide a wider field of vision. A wide range of designer frames – including Oakley glasses, Ray-Ban glasses and Polo Ralf Lauren prescription glasses – are able to accommodate a varifocal lens.