Why choose IELTS in Singapore?

International English Language Testing System

The International English Language Testing System, popularly known as the IELTS is a globally recognised professional body that conducts English proficiency test. As a non-native speaker, if you are planning to migrate for education or work purposes then undergoing this assessment is part of the mandatory procedure.

Over 10,000 organisations all over the world rely on the IELTS test which includes professional, educational and government bodies. In countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, IELTS is an important part of the immigration process.

Singapore is among the pioneers in terms of work and education and has a developed economy that provides an ample number of opportunities. A country is also a fabulous place for pursuing higher education as it boasts of state-of-the-art institutions and a highly experienced faculty. By choosing to study IELTS in Singapore, you will be able to widen your prospects in terms of studies and career.

Study with IELTS 

Many students are drifting towards Singapore due to its reputed universities and great variety in terms of courses. Be it management, finance or ACCA, you can get a world-class education in this country and IELTS will be beneficial in getting you there. Numerous institutes in the country offer a preparatory course for IELTS that help students get the required learning to clear this test.

Post clearing the English aptitude test, you can choose to study in Singapore and pursue the field of your choice. You can directly apply to the university that you wish to enrol in provided you have completed the minimum years of general education. Also, being 17 years of age is part of the requirements to study IELTS course in Singapore.

Work with IELTS 

In order to enjoy a successful career, one must have adequate language skills. Communication is key in the professional field and therefore going for IELTS in Singapore is a useful choice. Clearing this test demonstrates to your employer that you have the required skill set. This makes processes like job-hunting and promotion way simpler. Also, Singapore is home to large enterprises, and you can easily land a job in sectors like accounting, law, banking and other sectors.

Even other professions like the healthcare industry in the country also require good IELTS score if you are keen to pursue a career in medicine, nursing or pharmacy. Working in multinationals corporates is also possible only when you can effectively communicate in English.

Given the multitude of industries and options that one can find in Singapore, it is a great decision to choose the country for studying IELTS preparatory courses. On clearing the test, one can give traction to their dreams whether it is in terms of getting a good education or a stable career ahead.