What Key Factors Are Important For Candle Packaging For Efficient Marketing?

Candle Packaging

Packaging of any product wit stylish patterns and sturdy designs makes a huge difference. It not only preserves the inside product but also maintains the integrity of the packed item. To improve the customer base there is need to have premium and Custom Candle Boxes that can speak for the product

For an impressive packaging and to draw the attention of consumers as well as to drive sales companies focus on the candle packaging. We all know these are delicate items and need some extra attention. It is because some careless may damage the product and it will lose its original integrity.

To maintain the quality of candles, to ship them safely, and to improve their sale, the candle packaging designer uses the following strategies to create the custom candle boxes that help the candle business to flourish.

Packaging According To The Type Of Candle

The candle needs a crucial packaging, not for a massive success but also the protection of the inside product. For this reason, the manufacturer keeps the product in mind. There exist a variety of types of candles like a votive, pillar, taper, perfumed, decorative and opulent.

 Each one has itspackaging criteria. For designing the perfect custom candle boxes, the designer keeps the kind in front. It must complement the product shape, style, and design. The candle package must be aesthetic ambient and elegant so it is the requirement of the package too.

The marketers design the alluring boxes that perfectly match with the inside product, for example, if we take an example of the decorative candle jar, it is good to pack in the transparent box with ribbon handle to give it a persuading appeal.

Packaging Material Is Essential To Consider

For the protection of candles the designers, not have to focus on the scheme and design of the package yet its material plays a key role. Since the candle is made from sensitive material so their perfect preservation is necessary otherwise the wax may get damaged and the manufacturer has to bear the loss.

For ideal packaging, the designer uses the material that fulfills the following requirements

  • Cardboard or Kraft box that can be molded in different size and shapes
  • These must be biodegradable and eco friendly so they are compatible with the environment
  • Flexible for different printing like flexography, laser or digital type
  • Must be durable that can bear the external pressure to keep inside the product safe and reach to end-user without damage.

Extra Protection Is Essential

For convenient storage and safe and sound shipment, the designer pays extra consideration for candle packaging. Mainly a thin layer of wax or butter paper is applied around the wax product that creates the anti resistive appearance.

It helps the candle from environmental and physical factors. The thin paper layer protects from the dust, bacteria, dirt, and moisture thus maintain the original appearance of the candle.

Moreover, the glazed layer is applied to the boxes. It offers the silky touch that improves the beauty, elegance, and shelf life of the package. In short, it is an additional aesthetic improving factor that designers must apply to the packaging stuff.

Window Panes An Additional Strengthening Factor For Candle Marketing

For an alluring appeal and give the box a presentable look the window panes are added. It is attention-seeking factor as it showcases inside the product and helps the consumer to decide without the hassle of opening the box in the store.

The window boxes polish the outer appearance and give the high end to the package. The die-cut boxes with the top or front windows make a perfect option for the gifts.

Package With Eye-Catchy Illustration

The perfect box is that nicely portrays the inside product. Moreover, it elucidates the purpose of the product. The clear description is essential to guide the user that what is the inside product meant for. For example, if you are in hunt of the perfumed candles, the outside clear description will guide you to the product type.

The package must have noticeable illustration like the type of fragrance added, wax constituents, and purpose of the use. The designers now use the graphics to illustrate the product or use some exceptional font that tells about the nature of the candle.

Don’t Forget The Product Description

Describing the key features of the candle is an essential thing. For an impeccable packaging, the impressive description with the authentic feature is important. You may say for an enticing package the detail must be cleared so the consumer immediately decides for buying the candle item.

It is because the clear description guides the customer about the product and assists him to choose the product is to meet his demand.

 Add A Logo And Message to Create a Brand Image

The packaging is known as the silent marketing agent. So if you want to give your brand a boost then your package must contain the company logo and main motto. The custom candle boxes that come with the logo, as well as the message from the company, drive the attention of the consumer. It helps them to make a decision.

People are brand-conscious these days, they love to buy the products of their favorite company again and again. So for this purpose, designer and prominent logo, so people grab the product and add to the basket as they know their favorite company doesn’t compromise on quality and there is no need to read the description.

The packaging creates a brand image. So your candle box must be elegant, sturdy, and eye-catchy so it helps to drive the customers toward the product.


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