What Does Georgia State Law Explain About Relative Adoption?

Georgia State Law

Many people think that good is no more and people are not interested in taking care of others. But they have a wrong perception; still, there are individuals who are trying their best to make this world a better place. Although a few persons have a very negative approach and are not even willing to look after their blood relations.

However, several people have a kind heart and want to help their relatives in every way. A very sensitive matter that happens in families is adoption. There are circumstances when parents have to give up their child, so at many times relatives offer their services to adopt that child. But both the parties have to follow some regulations set by the Georgia state law.

What to know about Relative Adoption?

When a child is being up for adoption and any family member takes the responsibility of caring for the child that is called relative adoption. The adoptive parents should be related to the birth parents of the child through blood and even marriage. 

Eligibility for Relative Adoption according to Georgia state law:

The state law of Georgia is very strict when it comes to relative adoption. It clearly states that only close family members having relation through blood or are bound by marriage of birth parents are eligible for fostering for the child.

The Siblings:

It is very obvious that the first candidate that the law will permit to adopt the child is any blood relation and what better one is to be taken care of by a sibling. These are very rare circumstances when an older sibling is able enough to adopt their brother or sister.

Uncles and Aunts:

The second best option is to hand over the child to the uncles and aunts either from the father’s or the mother’s side. The uncles and aunts are a blood relation for the child so they can look after the child in a better way.

Grandparents of the Child:

When a child doesn’t have any siblings, aunts or uncles then the responsibility of the child comes to the grandparents. It has been observed that grandparents have taken care of their grandchild as their own because the kid is the closest relation they have of their own.

Advantages of Relative Adoption:

Many people are of the view that relative adoption has many complications and hurdles. The Birth parents might think that the adoptive parents are not treating the child well, don’t get enough time to spend or the child may get confused as who to call mom and dad. But despite all this, it has several advantages for both the parties and the child that are explained by every adoption agency like Tom Tebeau.


  • A big concern for the birth parents is not to know the nature and attitude of the adoptive family. But when the child is been taken care of by a relative then the real parents are comfortable letting their child live with them.
  • When you know that your child is going to be in good hands then an expression of satisfaction is always with you because you are aware who is going to nurture for the child.
  • Whether it is an open or another type of adoption; the parents are allowed to meet the child more often. Whereas, in others, this never happens under any circumstances.
  • A change in the environment of the house can be torture for the child if nature is not in harmony of the other party. But this situation doesn’t occur as the setting of the adoptive house is the same.
  • Countless people are afraid to give up their child for adoption just because the child might be raised in a totally different religious and cultural background. But in this adoption, the parents are content that their child is been raised with similar traditions and customs.


Reasons for Relative Adoption:

No one in this world wants to part from their loved ones or for that matter to give up their child for adoption. But dire circumstances can develop in which the relative adoption is unavoidable.


  • A very critical reason for this kind of adoption is when either of the parents dies and the other can’t properly take care of the child. Another situation is when the most unfortunate scenario creates where both parents pass away. 
  • At many times financials of the parents are not enough to support the child because tending for the child needs the money and either of the parents is not able to do so. 
  • It is becoming a common problem of drug and alcohol abuse and the parents are so much involved that they fail to take care of the child. So the adoption agencies hand over the child to the relatives.
  • Several at times abandon their children because they don’t want a burden for themselves. So relatives in such cases can adopt that kid.
  • There have been plenty of occasions where the child’s legal custody id handed over to the relatives, so that child can be raised in a safe environment.


Lastly, Georgia state law holds that if one of the parents is undergoing the ordeal of mental and psychological order then the child must be immediately given to any close relative.