What Are The Job Prospects Of An Interior Designer?

Interior Designer

If you are a student who is trying to decide whether or not to pursue a career in interior designing and get a degree in BSc interior design, then you should go through this article to know what kind of career prospect will open for you. However, we should inform you that the choice you make where to study will have a strong impact on your skills, knowledge and also career prospect. A student who has studied in any of the top architecture colleges in India will get preference from the prospective employers compared to one who has studied in an average college. The reason behind this that at a top college, the faculties are more experienced and they also spend a greater amount of resources to educate the students. Additionally, when you study in the best college, then many times you also get a chance to work on a live project in industry. In layman’s term, you can work under an established Architect or interior designer on a project.

Interior Designer

After you graduate with a degree in Interior designing then you can work under an Architect, an Estate Manager, a Graphic Designer and a Production Designer.

As an Interior designer, you do any of these jobs.

1). Interior and Spatial designer: The job of an Interior designer includes designing or redecorate the furnishings, painting the walls, and adding new fixture and fittings of a room to give it a different look and make it more attractive. As an Interior designer, you may design a workplace, a hotel or even an apartment. You must look at each of these jobs separately and find out the different needs of the projects and then create a design that will help your client to utilize the space more optimally at the same time keep the aesthetic qualities of that place intact.

2). Exhibition Designer: The job of an exhibition designer is varied. Your job profile will include organising a big public exhibition, participating in trade shows and designing their pavilions, helping your clients to organise cultural events and much more. If you want to become a successful exhibition designer, then you should be practical and work as per the budget of the client. Additionally, you need to work within limited space at the same time keeping the aesthetical appeal of your work perfect.

3). Production Designer: There is a great demand for an interior designer in the film and TV industry. The huge and intricately designed sets that wow the audience are the work of some interior designer. And as this industry is growing exponentially, you can always find a job in this huge sector.

4). Visual Merchandiser: In this job, you have to develop visual concepts to promote a brand in the market. This can include retail brands, catalogues online and others. In this job you have to closely work with other departments (if you are in the retail sector) to create a visual concept of the products that will excite customers and persuade them to buy the products.

All these shows that interior design as a career option has a great option provided you regularly update your knowledge base and hone your skills.