Web Design & Development Properties and Customer Requirements

Website design development

Web design is the creation of an ordered structure of each page of the site, their competent artistic design, taking into account the subject matter and tasks of the resource. Statistics say that the success of the site depends on the first 2-3 seconds of the user’s acquaintance with it. During this time, a person will not have time to consider all types of services or goods, convenient navigation or the availability of promotional offers, but he will have time to pay attention to the visual appearance of your resource. As you can see, web design is a kind of bait that you can use to catch a customer or let him slip away.

Plus, the graphic design clearly separates your company from the competition. And its quality allows you to assess your level of respect and attitude towards customers.

During the development of any visual design, the specialists of our web design studio, first of all, analyze and test what impression the resource will create for the user, using the UX design technique (“user experience”).

Our task at this stage is to think over the logic of interaction with dynamic elements, develop algorithms for transitions between sections and correctly place the main information. Programmers and developers determine how comfortable the placement of interface blocks on the site and their functionality will be.

Also important for us is the stage of developing the visual design of semantic nodes and resource elements, otherwise UI design (visual appearance of the product).

During the creation of the site design, our specialists offer the customer more than 5 options for colors, fonts and styles of forms, lists and buttons, etc. We care about the comfortable use of the site by the user and listen to the wishes of the customer.

Website design: Basic Functions

  • Engages the audience.
  • Corresponds to the business task and interests of the target audience.
  • Represents the company on the Internet.
  • Increases the awareness and image of the web project.
  • Manages the attention of clients, interests them.
  • Facilitates work with business opportunities: ordering, purchasing, booking, finding the necessary information, etc.
  • Buy website design: what does the cost depend on?

Buy Website Design: what does the cost depend on?

To estimate the financial costs of a project, you will need to answer the following questions:

What type of site do you need? The design of a company website, an online store or a landing page will require a different amount of work, and therefore different payments.

What is the style of the site? Minimalism, Flat Design, Typography, Classic or Corporate? These are areas of varying complexity. Some of them are quite simple to create, while others may require outsourcing.

Do you need a responsive design or do you need to create a mobile version of the site? The price will vary depending on the situation.

How important is design exclusivity? When developing web design, a specialist can use a ready-made template or start a website from scratch. In the case of a template, a ready-made structure is taken and filled in accordance with the goals of the customer. This option is faster and cheaper, but it also reduces the uniqueness of the resource. When ordering a web design from scratch, a unique layout is created. It costs more, but usually pays for itself faster.

Create a Website Design: Stages

The general stages of design development and website creation consist of:

  • Development of a prototype, which involves defining the type and structure of resource pages, drawing semantic blocks and placing the main elements.
  • Approval and choice of style. According to the thematic and business direction of the site, the style of the site is determined (art deco, minimalism, retro, organic and others).
  • Development of web site design, which begins with the choice of a color scheme, font and similar elements, and ends with drawing page layouts based on prototypes.
  • Creating a responsive design version for master pages. Adaptation helps to adapt the site to the screen size of any gadget.

If you look into the details, then the development of a website design involves the following procedure:

Definition with color palette. At this stage, designers create a corporate identity for the resource, which includes: color solutions for the background, contrasting shades to highlight the main information, separate selection of buttons for ordering or calling.

Composition creation. Website design development includes correct placement of blocks on the page. Design elements should be attractive, practical and functional. Various design techniques can improve the perception of the site by the client.

Font selection. Most sites are test content, so you need to spend a lot of time developing aesthetic typography. Style and point size, type and leading are all tools to influence the emotions of a visitor and a way to be remembered.

Integration of animated effects. Animation is also a way to create a connection with a client, it grabs attention and makes the visitor interact with the site. Options: imitation of impact on the screen, flash, swing, ripple, shift, parallax effects and more.

Background selection. Bright thematic images, icons, backgrounds, firstly, attract