WBM Natural Body Wash VS Soap Bar: Which is Better for You?

Natural Body Wash

Taking a bath daily is a routine for most individuals. But how much do you think about the products you use in the shower? Are they even safe? why natural body wash is better than a soap bar?

Natural Solution body washes for your skin.

Well, you need to be more careful about buying products you apply daily on the body. Especially, if you experience skin problems or have dry skin. Let’s discuss the difference between Natural body wash and soap. So, that it will help you choose the best products for taking care of your body. Or you can take a look for the wide range of body wash at wbminternational.pk online shopping in Pakistan

6 Reasons Why Soaps Can Be Bad For Your Skin?

The classic soap bar you have been using for years can be bad for your skin. To support my argument I’m listing below some points against soaps.

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1.They destroy the balance of skin ( High pH Levels )

Soap by nature is highly alkaline (have a pH above 7). Our skin has a normal pH level between 4 and 6. So, what soap does is raise the normal level of the skin. Therefore, disturbing the natural skin barrier which leads to dryness of skin or irritation.

2.Strips Away the “Good” Bacteria

Our body naturally has a layer of good bacteria. The anti-bacterial agent takes away these bacteria from the skin. As a result, you get a temporary feeling of Extreme clean hands. But in reality, trying to clean bad bacteria we lose the natural good bacteria. In turn, you become a target of harmful bacteria in the environment. As your natural shield is wiped off from the skin.

3.Degrease Natural Oils from the Skin

The soap bars contain harsh ingredients that strip natural oils and proteins from the surface of the skin. These oils help to maintain natural body moisture. As a result, the skin is unable to moisturize the body naturally. Leaving the skins dry and dehydrated.

4. It’s not Completely Hygienic to Wash hands with soaps

The soap is generally left in the soap dish which melts away with the heat of the environment. In the process of melting it collects bacteria and mold. Besides, it gets dirty when being used by multiple hands. Technically, it not hygienic enough.

5.You can worsen dry skin condition by using a bar soap

For people especially those who have dry skin, red itchy, acne, or sensitive skin. The bar soap can further dry your skin. Therefore, avoid soaps that say “anti-bacterial” as they can make your skin even worse.

6.Are you over-washing your hands?

People are so obsessed with cleaning their bodies. Sometimes they over wash their body which takes away natural body oils. It is important to understand that soap contains cleaning harsh agents. Using an excess of strong cleaning products can damage their skin.

Look for a Natural Cleaning Solution – One that has Moisturizing properties: The Body wash has slightly more gentle Ingredients. But they are surely more hydrating than soaps.


What you choose as a body care product is up to your personal preference. But make sure it’s safe for your health and skin. Let’s look at some why bath and body wash is better:

1.Best for Dry skin

The Liquid wash is a hydrating option for people with dry skin. Because they contain skin-softening agents. If you have dry skin then no bath wash can improve your shower experience by moisturizing your skin. For instance, the Natural WBM Honey Body wash for dry skin nourishes and protects the skin.

2.Low Maintenance and Minimum Wastage

When you are getting late for work. It’s easy to use a refreshing body wash liquid. As the liquid pours out easily instead of wasting time to create foam with soaps. You also get control of how much amount you want to use.

3.Made for Nature Lovers

Gentle cleansers like honey, shea butter, olive oil are naturally moisturizing. The Body liquid washes are made from mild cleansers. For example, the Hydrating and gentle body wash by WBM International is made from coconut oil and jasmine extracts. It provides your skin with natural nutrients and nourishes the skin.

4.Restores the Lost Moisture

Essential oils from the body are lost when we use harsh cleansers. The ingredient in the natural body wash for women restores the lost moisture and keeps skin hydrated.

5. “Avoid” Harmful Bacteria by using body wash

Since you are getting the product straight from the bottle through a pump. No dirty hands have ever touched it. So, you know that it’s more hygienic. Besides, it is not sitting in a wet soap dish that increases bacteria buildup.

6. Deep cleanser

The shower body wash works by deeply removing the dirt and dead skin cells from your skin. We recommend using a nourishing care body wash with Natural solutions. The key ingredient of Marula oil filled with high antioxidants works like magic. It works for people with all types of skin.

The Verdict

Both soap bars and liquid soap wash work the same way. That is removing dirt and bacteria from the skin. The only difference is that they clean in a harsh way. Unlike the liquid body, washes have a soft creamy formula with skin-friendly ingredients. If you are into natural scents and deep conditioning then use a foaming bath wash. but if you want a basic cleaning and not interested to invest in something extra then go for soap. The choice is yours.

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