Want to buy an electric car? Just go through these essential tips

electric car

Owning an electric car is the present trend. People are switching over to electric cars from their gasoline or petrol cars. Today’s public is aware of the effect of electric vehicles on the climatic change. Apart from the power of the electric current, there is no significant difference between an electric vehicle and fuel consuming vehicles of today. Today’s vehicle owners are environment-friendly and they have started having extra care on the environment surrounding us.

Electric cars are eco-friendly, easy to drive and very comfortable to sit. They are suitable even for long distances and people have started to switch over to electric vehicles from fuel-powered vehicles.

Electric vehicles not only save the environment but it also saves a lot of money in the long run. Electric vehicles are highly responsive and have instant pick-up which is better than a conventional fuel-based vehicle.

When you like to buy an electric car you have a look into the various aspects of owning an electric car. Electric cars come with various benefits for the environment as well as to your pocket. An electric car saves a large amount of fuel compared to a small diesel car.

The prospective buyer should look for the various aspects before zeroing in on a particular model.


Unlike a diesel/petrol car, the electric car does not need fuel. An electric car needs a lot of current to run. The buyer should analyze the availability of power points in the surrounding areas. The buyer should have a charging station map for the benefit of the vehicle. Charging time will not be more than 30 minutes to charge your car.


Electric vehicles emit zero percent of harmful gases. EV’s are cheaper as it reduces the fuel cost by more than 74% compared to a diesel car. Electric chargers for the EV’s are free in many places across the country.

Benefits from the government

The Irish government has rolled out various incentives, grants, and tax benefits for the electric vehicle owner. The government has provided numerous charge points across the nation for the benefit of EV owners.

Battery Life

An electric vehicle runs on current and it is powered by batteries which require regular charging whenever necessary. The overall cost varies when the batteries are to be replaced after sometime. The prices of the battery should be taken into account as it adds up to the cost of the car.

Car Insurance

Car Insurance in Ireland is one of the highest among many counties. The Ireland government has provided various benefits for the EV users in Ireland. As the prices of EV’s are higher compared to the diesel cars the Insurance premium for an electric vehicle should also be high. Car Insurance in Ireland has become a national issue because of the exorbitant rates the car insurance Ireland companies are charging the customers.

An Electric vehicle provides a pollution-free environment to the citizens compared to the earlier times. Though there are some drawbacks for an EV, like the battery replacement cost, and the higher insurance compared to other countries.

Electric vehicles are a boon to a country as it reduces the noise pollution, ecological pollution and the ecological benefits it provides to the nation. The various aspects surrounding an electric car should be looked into and should be compared to the present vehicles.

The buyer should not jump into buying an EV, and the user should check thoroughly before investing in an electric car. The resale value of an electric car is very less compared to the diesel or petrol version.

The buyer should invest in an electric vehicle only if it suits their needs.