Visualizing Singapore as the Next Best Destination – Out of the Box Holiday

Visualizing Singapore as the Next Best Destination – Out of the Box Holiday

Melodious nights are the ones that you can recall perfectly. No ambiguity can un render the best times you planned unless you start the wrong foot.

Planning the Best Getaway

When because you want to travel across the world, at the initial stage it’s hard to decide what to go after. So many options are there, it clogs your mind easily right? It did mine as well but since a few strong decisions things worked out just fine.

Getaways are meant to be exciting and full of adventure, so I wanted to travel to a country that would beguile me to the extreme. A bit of wondrous soul that I am, it’s hard not to be swayed by a country’s community, its culture and traditions and especially the food which I always come to love no matter how bad my experience might go.

Time to Choose the Right One

The world is huge and yet it seems like a small dot in the universe, well that’s how I feel in the sea of people when it comes to travelling. I prefer to travel in autumn holidays as the season is changing, leave is falling off the branches everything is in metamorphosis.

Singapore is a smart country with a smart way of living. I have heard so much about it but never got the chance to visit it. Expediting Singapore proved to be fun for me in so many ways. Like people go to Saudi Arabia for Hajj & Umrah journey likewise people travel to Southeast Asian countries like a pilgrimage.

Origins of Singapore

This magnificent country was founded in 1819, by Sir Stamford Raffles when it became part of the British trading post for East India Company. Being situated on the north of the equator it is an island country with impressive land, although small in size, and had developed certain technologies that have rocked the IT world. Enough with the serious talk now let’s focus on the fun side! To sum up the adventure in Singapore one can easily say that it has numerous attractions. The constant arts of evolving can be seen in every phase of life. You will easily find people here who are foodies, culture shapers, influencers, explorers are a few among the enthusiast who loves to travel here. South Asian countries have always been a great specter for many decades.

The Natural Heritage

Pulau Ubin is an undisturbed island more like a sanctuary of flora and fauna and deemed to be a haven for explorers. While you visit there you will notice that everything is covered a different variety of wildly grown plantation that makes it all to mystical to enjoy. Well, for many it might seem that way and hence the natural heritage is more than just the name.

What I enjoyed the most here was the fact that you could do lots of walking here! it’s an open space solely dedicated to the numerous ecosystems that add the value to the scenery.

Celebrations and Festivities

Singapore is such a diverse culture-oriented country. you would be surprised by how many Buddhist and Muslim communities reside beside each other in such peace. What I came to appreciate was the fact that during Ramadan many Muslims go for Umrah Journey and afterward for their second big festival they go on Hajj journey to devour in their worships (simply stunning if you ask me).

They celebrate the festival of Hari Raya Aidilfitri after the completion of fasting. Muslim communities seem to thrive well in this regard as well.

I came in contact with small groups and came to know once they come back from their holy journeys they are welcomed with warm hearts by their families and it’s a joyous occasion as family events and dinners are laced with best traditional food.

The Fun of Outdoor Activities in Singapore

If you can put your phobias aside (which I failed to do) you can have a great moment as Sentosa! One of the coolest grounds in that country I would say (indefinitely).

This island is home to best outdoor activities that extreme explorers would love to give a go but being a meek little person that I am, I preferred to watch people do it. I wasn’t really surprised to discover that Singapore hosts the world’s largest vertical wind tunnel for skydiving! They progress they are making in technology is astounding. I have seen in movies how actors jump from the plane and do the sky diving scenes, well that action class triggered my hidden ninja and I gave a go.

It turned out to be such fun! Although fun seems small word for it but even thinking of the experience makes my hearth thunder with excitement!

The Experience at Hawk Centre

Being a real foodie I appreciate everything that can be presented on a plate to me. Singapore’s traditional food is served at its best in the cultured harmony of this ethnic street food where you can try the simplest and delicious snacks. If you are interested in exploring, I would say the best way to explore a culture is through your stomach.

Food tells a lot about the traditions and culture. It has its own identity like after coming from Hajj journey Muslim families they specially prepare the beef stew after the sacrificial ritual along with fluffy white rice typically known as rice cakes.

Lamb meat along with rice is the most common food time along with noodles served in broth. Much like Malaysia, the similarities in food can be seen easily as well.

My Thoughts for Day…

Two things most prominent in Singapore that I felt were the technology advancement and the cultural vibes so thoroughly installed in people and their school of thoughts. It’s pretty amazing how far a country can easily thrive when given the chance to bloom. It’s a spectacular place to go on a thrilling holiday and its unmissable!