Top Five Travel Places In Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh, the land of gods is the wonderful state of India. With mountains describing the epiphany and the religious ethos, the state has been a center of attraction for tourists worldwide. With its beauty, the Northern Indian State, with its beauty has managed to develop a space in the heart of not only India but the world. The hill stations, the villages, and the entirely different life of people are all that make it special. To rest a while apart from the digital daunting life, there’s no better escape than Himachal.

While there’s no boundary to define the extravagant places located at the foothills of the Himalayas, these are the five best places in Himachal you should visit.

1. Kasol

Kasol, the little Israel of India, is an abundance of beauty and aesthetics. It is famous for the humongous Parvati river and never falls apart to amaze the visitors with its charm. It is a place for adventure geeks and trekkers. If you are visiting Kasol, do plan a trek to the Parvati valley or go for Tosh, Malana, and Kheer Ganga treks. Another indulging activity you can do is, take a tour to different villages such as Kalga and Pulga, learn the Pahari language and learn about the local living.

2. Kinnaur

The sparkling Nako Lake and the breathtaking stargazing beside it is what makes Kinnaur a place worth visiting. Kinnaur, the name itself has different stories. While the Tibetans call the place Khunu, the Leh population calls it Mao. Stories foretold the five Pandava brothers have spent their twelve years of exile in this Himachal hamlet. It is the hub of apple orchards and one of the best offbeat destinations when you plan to visit Himachal. The lovely meadows and the roads between dense forests suitable for a perfect road trip make Kinnaur the tourist’s adventure place.

3. Dharamshala

The place of His Holiness Dalai Lama, a tourist attraction site and canopy of religious diversions is Dharamshala. A home for Indo Tibetan communities makes Dharamshala one of the most vibrant places situated near the mountains. You can easily drive from Delhi and it takes around twelve hours to reach this place. It is famous for the Triund Hills, Kangra Valley, Norbulingka Institute, and India’s most praised temple complex- the Dalai Lama Temple Complex.

4. Jibhi

Jibhi- the enticing and offbeat destination in Himachal Pradesh is a place less known. While it is small and compact, people often skip this place but it is worth traveling. The Jibhi Waterfall, Chehni Kothi, Sheshnag Temple, Jalori Pass, and Serolsar lake are the many wonderful spots in this little hamlet. One of the most loved places ‘mini Thailand is also situated in Jibhi. It is a water pool along the Tirthan river and the water is crystal clear, the two huts surrounding make it more camera demanding. When in Himachal, do not skip Jibhi!

5. Spiti

If you are a lover of peace, Spiti Valley is the place for you. The stargazing experience makes it more beautiful. It is the holder of Chandratala lake and some amazing monasteries. The Tabo monastery is one of the major attractions of Spiti. Lahaul Valley and Langza Village are the most visited places and the place is enough to mesmerize you with its beauty. You can easily reach Spiti through the Kullu Airport or the Shimla Railway station.

They say travel is an escape from reality. Well, indulge yourself in this unrealistic Himachal beauteousness and you won’t regret it.

Himachal is a boon to tourists and people who seek to have days away from city life. While these five places will cover your travel cravings, you can also visit Shimla, Dalhousie, Malana, Kasauli, Chitkul, and many more. Himachal Pradesh is the perfect epitome of beauty carrying the presence of serene Himalayas.