Top 6 Best Natural Remedies to Prevent From Seasonal Allergies

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The seasonal allergies are not tolerable but the fact is many people suffer from it and they are not aware of how to tackle these. If you are fed up of relying on pills to temporarily cure your pain then you can try some natural remedies.

The natural techniques to deal with the allergies are highly effective than allopathic medicines. Below are some important tips to overcome your problems this season

1. Ensure that your gut is in check

The gut is also known as microbiome and it is the main element that triggers the immune system in the human body.  Now, we want to ask an interesting question that is why do some people have allergies and some don’t?

Well, there are various deciding factors and the microbiome is also one of them. The gut of any human being is unique and also it varies with time. There are enormous things that affect the microbiome such as prescribed antibiotics, anti-microbial supplements, alcohol, gut-irritating foods, and stress.

As your gut changes then it affects the immune system of your body and often becomes hyper-active that result in allergies.

2. HEPA air filter can be beneficial

Our indoor air is more contaminated than outdoor and this is also one of the reasons behind triggering the allergies. Most people do not face an allergic reaction on their body until that specific season arrives but it does not mean that you are inhaling clean air.

It is highly recommended that you should invest in battery backpack HEPA vacuum to prevent you and your family from potentially harmful elements in your surrounding.

There are various types of vacuum cleaner are available in the market like industrial battery backpack vacuum and you have to choose one as per your requirement.

These battery-powered backpack vacuum will remove all the small harmful particles that you are going to breathe the whole night. Moreover, these battery backpack vacuum are energy efficient and simple to use.

3. Stop eating histamine foods

Many times doctor recommend taking anti-histamine to cure your allergic reaction. Histamine is released in our body due to the sudden response of our immune system and this trigger the allergic reaction in our body.

Not only our immune system is responsible for this but our various types of food also contribute the same. Therefore, you should avoid eating food that contains histamine to prevent your situation from going worse. Below find the small list of food elements that can aggravate your allergic reaction.

  1. a) Food containing proteins like seafood, meats, fermented dairy
  2. b) Fruit like bananas, citrus fruits, etc.
  3. c) Some Vegetables like spinach, pickled vegetables, etc.

Try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables as much as possible. They are not only healthy for your body but also prevent you from allergic reactions.

4. Stop Taking Alcohol

Alcohol is highly irritating substance to the human gut and therefore plays a vital role in an outburst of various allergies. It makes the lining of our gut more permeable and this results in moving of undigested food inside the bloodstream and trigger our immune system.

This results in various problems like skin diseases, joint issues, hair problems and many more.

As we are well aware of the fact that due to seasonal allergies, human beings have a hyperactive immune system and drinking alcohol will further aggravate the situation.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to all people who are suffering from allergies to avoid taking alcohol during allergy season. In case if you really want to have a cocktail then it is suggested to take it with some food in your stomach. It will significantly reduce the probability of an allergic reaction.

5. Supplements that can Boost the Immune system

As we have already discussed how gut plays a vital role in modulating our immune system. But there are few supplements that can help in boosting the efficiency of our immune system.

If you are sick and suffering from allergy then taking vitamin C can help. Along with Vitamin C, there are two other factors that can be helpful: Bromelain and Quercetin.

Bromelain can be described as an enzyme derived from pineapples. Therefore, pineapples are non-histamine food elements that can reduce the inflammatory effects of an allergy. On the other hand, Quercetin is a flavonoid highly famous for its antioxidant properties.

Oxidative stress, that may take place during an allergy and it can be cured with the help of antioxidant. All in all, these supplements act as a patch of sorts. In order to have long lasting relief, it is recommended to figure out the deeper layer that is triggering the allergic reactions in your body.

6. Breathe properly

Inhaling lot of fresh and clean air is also one of the natural remedies for various types of allergies. The breathing process is also a type of detoxification because while breathing we intake more oxygen and expel carbon dioxide and other toxins.

Are you aware of the fact that due to stresses life, most of us forget how to breathe properly? Breathing in a dusty environment can cause sneezing so you can use a battery backpack HEPA vacuum.

Therefore, if you want to cure your allergies then you have to learn to breathe properly. Have you ever observed a child breathing while sleeping? They usually take deep breaths. You must aware of your breathing process.

Whenever you have free time then put some attention towards your breathing phenomenon and try to intake as much fresh air as possible.