The Untold Story of Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen, Tim Allen’s Daughter with Laura Deibel

Katherine 'Kady' Allen

If you love Instagram, you would have noticed that the kids of many celebrities share or steal the spotlight. But not Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen. The first daughter of Tim Allen and Laura Deibel hides her personal life from the public. Even though she plans to be low-key, she still attends the red carpet events with her family.

One of the most talked about things about Katherine Kady Allen is her family situation. Being a daughter from her father’s previous relationship was quite hard for her during her younger years. But things saw little changes. If you want to know more about this silent person, you need to keep reading!

Fast facts of Katherine Kady Allen

  • Katherine Kady Allen loves her father and always supports him during his film’s premiere.
  • Her biological mother’s name is Laura Deibel.
  • Katherine was just 17 years old when her father Tim Allen married his girlfriend, Jane Hajduk.
  • The age difference between Katherine and her step-sister Elizabeth is 19 years.
  • Doesn’t like to be in the spotlight and draw attention to herself.

Who is Katherine Kady Allen?

Katherine Kady Allen is the first daughter of Tim Allen and ex-wife Laura Deibel. Most of the time, Tim was away from his family, leading to troubled family life for everyone. Both of her parents were together from the time they were at Western Michigan University. They got married in 1984. After 5 years of married life, Katherine Kady Allen was born.

Was Katherine the reason for the divorce?

The short answer is – no! After Katherine’s birth, Tim’s career in acting saw new heights; he was seldom home for his family. This greatly impacted both Laura and Katherine. But they were a family till 1999. Just 4 days after appearing as a family on the red carpet for a movie’s premiere, they filed for divorce.

In March 2003, the couple finalized their divorce. After the divorce, Laura never came into the spotlight. But Katherine stayed with her father and in the spotlight. That may be the reason why her father, Tim, speaks fondly of her.

Katherine’s new family

No doubt that this divorce created scars in the young Katherine’s heart. But the whole family moved on. After some time, Tim Allen met his love Jane in 2001 and dated for 5 years. Then, they got married on 7th October 2006. Even during that time, Katherine was still by her father’s side.

The second marriage with Jane saw a beautiful blessing in 2009. Yes, Katherine’s step-sister Elizabeth came into this world. Due to the first failed marriage, Tim makes sure that his family remains first in his life. Because of this extra effort, their marriage is still going strong. Plus, he enjoys spending time with his daughters.

Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen relationship with her family members

As you know, Tim married actress Jane Hajduk again just after 3 years of divorce. People assumed that this move would surely affect the young Katherine’s feelings. But that’s not true. Katherine Kady Allen accompanied her father to red carpet events to show her support. Also, you can see her alongside her stepmom and stepsister during major events. This shows that she has a perfect relationship with her family. Even though Elizabeth is younger than Katherine by 19 years, she takes good care of her sister.

What is Kady Allen doing these days?

The recent time people saw her was in June 2019 with her family. This is because she prefers to remain low-key from the paparazzi. This is the reason why her current whereabouts are not much known to the public.

The bottom line

There is no doubt that Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen loves and supports her father even though she had a rough start. This is why everyone is confident that she will support her father for the years to come.