The Practices That Lead to Super Successful Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Videos are a great way to pierce through the digital-age audience. With the growing popularity and rising user base of YouTube and other OTT platforms, it is one prolific channel that every business should adopt. It is one great way to expand their visibility and reach across the online platforms and go for more engaging and appealing ways to connect with users.

If we have a look into the stats, as per the recent reports, YouTube alone receives 5 billion views every single day. Video content gets 1200% more shares on an average than anything built on text and images combined. With a video on your landing page, you are likely to increase your conversions by 80% as it registers better recall value and gets more attention, response, and engagement from users.

So, it is always a great move to embed video marketing in your digital media promotions plan. To get access to the stream of users who have been measured to generate high engagement value and response.

As progressive and new-age businesses are learning and exploring around the possibilities of video marketing they are steadily taking over it to get the hold of the high value turn-outs in marketing and promotions it has to offer.

But it is not that straight and easy as it sounds. As there are a lot of factors and choices and a combination of right practices that make you achieve better results through your attempt.

To make the best value come your way through video marketing, you need to follow a proper plan and go by the right practices.

Here are some of the best ways to go by your idea of video marketing that assures you of high chances of success:

Focus On The Story, Not On Sale

80% of digital marketers today are engaged in hard sales and this is becoming a big turndown for internet users. Talking about your product, counting its benefits, pitching for the services, and giving a verdict about your offering is a cliched and overworked method of marketing. It is so obvious and predictable and much applied by businesses across all the formats and streams of marketing. Get over this, when you are creating videos for your business. Build it around a story that talks about things that surround your idea of business. Bring in topics and ideas that have some value, learning, or entertainment for your target audience. They will be more receptive towards this and will show more interest to connect with you and this will eventually build higher engagement potential for your business.

Make The First 10 Seconds Most Impactful

As per a study on audience behavior, one-fifth of your viewers tend to decide to stay or leave the video within the first 10 seconds. Keep it very much on the subject and to the point, delivering something valuable and engaging for the users, as you get started with the video. Cover the topical crux of the content up early and get them to expect some great value coming in next. Tap on the curiosity factor. Use teasers. Put up questions around their pain points. Reveal some great benefits of watching the video. So, they have their interest created in the content and they continue to be with the video till the end.

Don’t Make It Boring. Get Some Humor To It

Often when you work on creating content serving your business bottom line and surrounding your service you tend to get a bit mechanized and monotonous with your tone. And this is where most of the businesses fail in building a connection with the audience. Give them some reason to feel comfortable and familiar with you. Make them jell with your content. Make it humorous and light so your viewers don’t find it boring and dreary and instead feel enlightened and intrigued. Many notable brands have used such techniques to make their video stories engaging and interesting and this has greatly helped them in getting favorable audience response.

Tag It Up With SEO

Video marketing is no different than other modes of online promotions when it comes to promoting them up on search engines. So, the videos you post need to be tagged with related keywords in the title, description, and tag snippets. This would make the video readable and identifiable by the search engine bots. Also, this increases the chances of getting inbound links for your video. Here, you have to keep it inclusive in formation, relevant in context, and readable by real users while you form phrases and descriptions using your targeted keywords. While you do this don’t forget to create a video sitemap. This fairly contributes in helping your video to get a higher viability score and rank position in the searches.

Educate and Edify Your Viewers

Video viewers are keen explorers. 65% of the people watching a video imbibe strong visual memories which empower great learning. They knowingly or unknowingly love this fact about videos that make them absorb more information, learn complex ideas, and recall the details for longer, putting in less time and effort. So, they always like to get educated through videos. While you plan your video content, make it deliver useful information for your users. Shuffle around different topics and themes around industry insights, practical tips, DIY guides, help resources, and intuitive details around the services you offer. This well establishes your expertise and knowledge in the field and marks your eligibility and viability as a service.

Wrapping Up

Going by these practices to create your video can help you better reach out to your audiences, rightly positioning your content through better platform presence and higher search rankings. If you plan to go with a bigger execution plan and want to assure yourself of better results, you can always take help from professional video marketing companies for expert video marketing services to get the best value coming your way with the endeavor.