The Essential Features Of Your Uber Clone Script!

Uber Clone

Uber Clone is a ride-hailing business that works with the same features as Uber. Uber is the largest market in the ride-hailing business and still expanding its network globally. The Entrepreneurs can look for business ideas like online taxi business. The demand for the taxi business is still there and the need builds up every day.

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Must Needed Features In Uber Clone

Live Tracking

By booking the taxi you can track the driver’s location and the total estimated time of arrival to start the ride. Drivers also can track the live location of the riders. Better navigation is provided in our script.

Multiple Payment Gateway

Uber Clone offers multiple payment gateways for the users to pay for the ride. Paypal, and Wallet. Riders can give the cash after the ride is completed to make customers comfortable.

Ride Sharing

Users can share their ride by booking seats in the pool option. To share the ride with someone, the user should check the seats available to ride.

Surge Pricing/Peak Time Pricing

Admin can change the surge pricing based on the weather conditions and the peak time pricing based on the late nights.

Multi-Vehicle Option

The multi-vehicle option is another way to earn because the admin can add vehicles like bike, auto, and SUV to the vehicle section.

Instant Notifications

Instant Notifications for both driver and rider will be sent automatically after the confirmation of the ride.

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