The Computer Insiders And Their Working Patterns

The Computer Insiders And Their Working Patterns

A computer is an integral part of our lives and the world we live in today. Your computing experience is basically interactions with hardware and software. Most people and work processes depend upon computers today, and it is in their best interest to understand the basic components of a computer along with their functions and cost.

With the advancing technology, the different parts of computers have been advancing as well. You must know the four different components of a computer known as, a monitor, mouse, keyboard, and a CPU. While a computer is unable to function without these, you need to have a brief understanding of the seven most important parts of a computer and their functions present in the CPU. These six part that is required to function a computer are motherboard, power supply unit (PSU), random access memory (RAM), graphic processing unit (GPU) hard drive (HDD), and an optical drive which can be either a CD or DVD drive. These seven components are the basic components needed for the healthy functioning of a computer.

Where it is easy to remember their names, it is comparatively difficult to understand their function. However, if you have a better understanding of these components, you would be able to save money when purchasing, repairing or replacing the components of the computer. With this guide, you can find any of these parts easily on any online platform like Computer Hardware Supplies from eWorldTrade, eBay, or Amazon in the comfort of your home. Let’s discuss these devices in detail for understanding their functions in a better way.

CPU Or A Central Processing Unit

A central processing unit is known to be the “brains” of a computer. The CPU is responsible for processing the instructions, performs arithmetic calculations and comparisons, and store the results of operation in the memory. To carry out the extensive processes, manage the heavy software and maximize the speed and processing power, computers use more than two CPUs. The dual-core is using two CPUs, and the quad-core is using four to achieve efficiency in the working and processing power.


The backbone of a computer is used to connect all the parts of a computer and make everything integrated using its printed circuit board. The different devices present in a CPU are all attached via cables on to the motherboard. It is important to choose a motherboard that has all the ports that you might need in the future. Previously, a motherboard had to be attached with soundcards to hear the sound, but today, the sound card is built in the motherboard. Make sure that you find a suitable motherboard for your computer as everything that is on the computer depends heavily on the specifications of the motherboard. As said above, you can source it form any of the respected and renowned online platforms like amazon, eworldtrade, eBay and more. However, you need to be very specific when choosing a brand to buy a motherboard for your computer.

Power Supply Unit

A computer cannot run without an electrical source. A power supply unit is responsible for bringing electrical power to the computer. You need to be careful when choosing a PSU because it is responsible for providing power to all the different parts and peripherals of a computer and ensures that they are working to their maximum capacity.

A Hard Drive

A hard drive is the permanent memory of your computer. This is where all your pictures, documents, and programs are stored to be kept safely. As technology advances, it is easy to buy a hard drive at the most reasonable prices. Manufacturers are producing hard drive up to 1TB which is more than enough space for users.


For some people, it is confusing to understand the difference between a ram and a hard drive.  It can be referred to as a conscious memory similar to a human brain. Ram is able to manipulate data from the main memory or hard drive. It is responsible for faster speed of a computer and determining the factor of how many programs can run simultaneously along with how much data can be accessed at a certain time. The better ram you have in your computer, the faster will you be able to run a program simultaneously.


If you are an animator or belong to the designing industry, your computer must have a graphic card to put out amazing visuals. It is something similar to the eyes of a person that is responsible for conveying the beautiful visuals to the brain, in this case, the CPU. A GPU in a computer takes over the visual tasks enabling the CPU to perform other tasks efficiently.

Optical DrivesThey have always been in use since the inception of CDs and DVDs. The optical drives are used to read or write data on the CD or DVD which can be removed and carried. Nowadays these optical drives come in the Blu-ray versions. However, these drives have become obsolete due to the creation of USB and thumb drives which are relatively easier to carry and cost-effective.