The 6 Most Important Reports in Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is something that anyone who is even remotely associated with the digital platform has heard of or is well-aware of. Afterall, it is the world’s most popular digital analytics tool. 

Google Analytics today is used by almost 85% of all the sites for which the traffic tool is quite popular. 

If you are a data scientist, Google Analytics is something that you can’t ignore. Google Analytics was created with the sole purpose for keeping a track on the user interactions. One can gather vital info through it. 

What’s more, you can compare the current data with the historical info, watch the demographics and check whether the alterations you have made are achieving the desirable results or not. 

Here are some of the important Google Analytics reports that you can use for improving the website of yours. Take a look. 


  • Mobile Performance Report – Almost all of us use mobile phones today for quickly looking up for information on services and products. If your website is hard to find or slow, people will find a different place for looking. The Mobile Overview Report happens to be an essential GA report that assists website owners to see where the trouble lies in your mobile site. Users won’t last long if your site is not user-friendly. Not just that, Google will also bring down your rank if the site is not mobile-compatible. You can also see the kind of device used by people for entering your site. The mobile overview reports will show the opportunities for improvement and for achieving the enhanced ranking and traffic


  • Traffic Acquisition Report – You must know the people who click on your ads. You also want to know whether the SEO strategies and guest posts written by you are able to generate the traffic. 

The traffic acquisition report is going to tell you everything. For most of the marketers this is the first step in the process of reporting. This is going to give a breakdown of the traffic sources. Through the Referrels tab, you will know which external sites are driving traffic to the site.  

  • Channels Report – Channels Report is one of the most essential Google Analytics report. With this report you can get information about how much traffic is coming from both the paid/unpaid channels including the organic, referrel, direct and even social media. 

Through this you can see how many users have been on your page, how much time they spent and if they converted on the basis of goal tracking. It is important that you get to know these data so that you can optimise the channels accordingly. This way you can make the modifications if the bounce rate is high or traffic is down.

  • Content Efficiency Report – If you generate a lot of contents, then tracking them can get a little overwhelming. The author of Web Analytics 2.0 & a Digital Marketing Evangelist at Google, Avinash Kaushik created this for solving this issue. This report tracks the page views, entrances, goal completions and bounce rates for helping to get answers to questions like –


  • What content type performs best with the readers?
  • Which content type is engaging maximum audience?
  • Which content is shared by the audience?
  • How your readers convert to customers?


  • Navigation Summary – Navigation Summary is another GA Report that is crucial these days. This allows you to see the common paths taken by the users to reach certain URLs in you site.  This also permits you to see where they are coming from and where they go after browsing the site. 

This will help you to know the patterns followed by your users and what pages you can optimise and whether to add shortcuts or not.  You will also know the answers that your users are seeking when they keep navigating back and forth through the common pages. By optimising the pages you can prevent them from landing on competitors’ sites. 

  • Keyword Analysis Report – Gaining the organic traffic from Google is great. But most often your report of organic traffic keyword does not show much because Google has started encrypting the search data since 2012.  But you can still gain the insight about your visitors from the unencrypted keywords. The Keyword Analysis Report analyses the available and most popular incoming keywords to the site. Through this, you can see conversions rates, visitor metrics, page load times and goal completions for every keyword. 

You can figure out through this what keywords work for you and how many of them are contributing and how many in future you need to optimise. 

These are some of the highly beneficial Google Analytics Reports that you can use in your digital marketing endeavour for achieving the desirable outcome and gaining substantial traffic and conversions for your brand. 

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