Start An On-Demand Handyman House Cleaning Service App

Start An On-Demand Handyman House Cleaning Service App

The on-demand applications play an advantageous role for the people. The usage of on-demand applications is higher compared to normal searching services. On-demand services can easily get to solve the problem facing.

The house cleaning services offered by professionals are low and difficult to find. This paves the way for on-demand service and gets the experienced cleaning people from that.

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Need For A House Cleaning Service Provider?

The uber for house cleaning services for your business is to create and offer a solution for searching providers for services. Entrepreneurs can promote the services and can deliver to the people. Once the customers use the application, we can cover all the new customers with the best service reviews and ratings. Make your brand visible to the targeted customers. The service providers should be experienced to reach out with the quality of the work.

Features Of House Cleaning Services


Users & service providers can signup/sign in easily Users can Sign Up with the Phone number, Facebook, Google, and Apple Id. Service Providers can register their account using the phone number along with the verification code.

Service Type

Choose the service type for the users and service providers as the same. The users will be able to use it by appointing the service provider.

Rating and Reviews

Users and service providers will review both for the services and provide ratings for them. This feedback helps service providers and users to improve their work.

Multiple Language

It supports multiple languages in the mobile application. Users & Service Providers can change the mode of preferable language manually.


The users and service providers will receive the notifications instantly.

Workflow Of House Cleaning Services App

User and service provider will Sign up or log in to the house cleaning service app. The user will search for the services needed and the app will assign the service provider. After the successful service, the user will pay for the services with the payment options. The user can pay with Paypal, Stripe, Wallets, and COD is available. The service provider and user can review and rate for the workers.

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