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SEO Fixes to Core Web Vitals

Many of the SEO techniques and tricks that many optimizers use are beyond most people’s abilities. This is why there are SEO – Common Fixes to Core Web Vitals come into existence. Core Web Vitals help top ranking eCommerce SEO companies. Common Fixes to Core Web Vitals issues can be accessed by any of the thousands of website owners looking for ways to improve their search engine ranking. The issues range from misspellings to keyword stuffing to blatantly wrong formatting. All of these attributes can be fixed, but only by someone who has spent some time in SEO – (as well as copywriting and proofreading).

According to Google, Core Web Vitals would be a ranking signal for top ranking eCommerce SEO companies. CVW that remains focused on site speed, Google suggested paying heed to 7metrics to better up the overall customer experience, which are the following:

  1. Loading
  2. Interactivity
  3. Visual stability
  4. Mobile-friendliness
  5. Safe browsing
  6. HTTPS
  7. No intrusive interstitials

Let’s discuss some important aspects that top-ranking eCommerce SEO companies must follow:


One of the Common Fixes to Core Web Vitals is to proofread your page’s content. This means that the web copyist or SEO copywriter reads your site’s content – and includes (but does not solely rely on) HTML text checks. If you have a good SEO company or copywriting service, they will also check your site’s content’s grammar and spelling. This is especially important in content writing because an SEO writer cannot rely solely on the spell checker in a “mastering” process. They are there to ensure that your site’s content flows, is easy to read, and includes (but does not solely focus on) correct grammar and spelling.

Meta Tags & Keywords

Next, many sites include several Meta tags and keywords in the content of their pages. These Meta tags are helpful when Google and other search engines are looking for information about your site. An SEO content writer knows that Meta tags and keywords to use to get your site ranked high in the search engines. Although these usually do not include fixing broken links, grammar and spelling errors, and vague descriptions of your page’s contents, some SEO companies offer free writing services. These services are generally considered unnecessary and overpriced and are often offered by larger SEO companies who can afford them. For smaller businesses, these services are unnecessary and quite expensive.

Site Mapping

Another SEO fix that many small businesses skip is the inclusion of a site map on their site. A site map is simply a graphical representation of your website’s internal content using an HTML-like format. The purpose of a site map is to allow search engines to understand where on your site a visitor is coming from and directing them to the section of your site that contains content specific to that location. SEO copywriting services that include an internal site map are helpful for two main reasons. First, they can show you how important it is to include keywords and keyword phrases in your web copy so that your site map is as accurate as possible.


Next, an accurate site map can help visitors navigate through your site. For many small businesses, this means making it easier for customers to find the information they are looking for, even if this means reorganizing some content or moving it to a different page on the site. This can be especially helpful if your site has sections focused on certain products or services, but the information is scattered throughout the entire site. Including a site, the map can make it easy for customers to focus on just the right part of your site.

Summing Up

Many people think that if they put a lot of value into their website design, they will attain a decent amount of traffic from search engines. While your website’s design does play a part in this, it is not the entire equation and will not necessarily result in a higher page rank. Optimizing your pages increases the amount of content and keywords that are included in your page’s design.

There are also several SEO tricks that webmasters use to help with their rankings. One of the most imperative ones is link building, which is the process of gathering one-way links to your site and having them pointed to your site. Creating backlinks to your web pages is a good way to receive higher search engine rankings as well, so having an experienced SEO consultant involved when you create a new site is highly recommended. SEO can be a fun and challenging process, but the result is usually worth it in the long run.