Roof Waterproofing Lahore Systems: Advantages of Liquid Waterproofing Membranes

Roof Waterproofing Lahore

Due to their direct and horizontal exposure to rain or snow, roofs are the surfaces most prone to water seepage. To avoid this pathology, it is necessary to apply products that help to guarantee a total waterproofing of the surface against water. In this sense, the market already offers a wide variety of solutions; being more or less expensive and of greater or lesser quality. In this article, we are going to review the main ones, with special attention to liquid Roof Waterproofing Lahore, one of the most recent and innovative.

Roof Waterproofing Lahore

What roof waterproofing products or systems are there?

1. Bituminous sheets

Also known as asphalt shingle. It is possibly the most widespread and traditional system. These waterproofing sheets are made up of bituminous substances derived from asphalt such as oxyasphalt or bitumen that, by direct application of heat (torch), remain adhered to the support avoiding leaks.

Its advantages include its excellent durability; although it is an expensive and very inflexible solution. The placement of its black rolls is very complicated and the material is not very resistant to insolation, so it is necessary to cover its surface with a new protective layer (ceramic floor, for example), which makes the system even more expensive. . Furthermore, as a consequence of insolation, the material is liable to lose its elasticity capacity, being able to detach from the support when it expands.

2. Chlorinated rubber or chlorinated rubber

Rubber is a waterproofing material made up of synthetic copolymers. Water-based is usually applied for Roof Waterproofing Lahore in homes, as it is an economical option. Despite this, it must be borne in mind that the main problem with chlorinated rubber is that it needs some maintenance to maintain its insulating properties. In fact, it is recommend to apply a layer of protective coatings. And repaint the chlorinated rubber-treated surfaces every two years.

This waterproofing paint dries over time and exposure to the elements, eventually cracking and breaking them. This aspect has negative consequences both at an aesthetic and technical level since with its breakage it loses its waterproofing property.

3. EPDM sheets (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer)

Its application is cold and, unlike bituminous sheets, its rubber material is more resistant to weathering and UV rays, so it does not need any additional protection. It is also a highly durable and quality system. Despite all this, it is also the most expensive solution of all those mentioned here. Making it difficult to assume in many contexts. Furthermore, its application is complicated and requires a high level of training.

4. Liquid membrane 

Now is the time to talk about the main solution in our article: Liquid membranes. Of various compositions, these solutions have some points in common with chlorine rubber paints, such as their quick and easy application in situ (by painting). As a differential aspect, these membranes create as a consequence of their drying. Specifically, the component of this paint polymerizes giving rise to an elastic coating (liquid membrane) that adheres to the support, forming a high-quality waterproofing layer. This coating is thicker and more elastic than chloro-rubber, which makes it the best value for money for Roof Waterproofing Lahore.

On the other hand, liquid membranes can have heat-reflecting properties, thereby helping to limit heat gains inside buildings. In this way, significant savings can achieve in energy consumption (refrigeration appliances), less pollution (CO2 emission), and an improvement in thermal comfort indoors.

Elastem by Roof Waterproofing Lahore: the most complete liquid membrane system

Pinturas Blatem, in its eagerness to offer quality solutions to any need within the building field, has recently developed its own liquid waterproofing system for roofs. This system includes, in addition to the aforementioned liquid membrane, a reinforcing mesh. The mesh is made of a geotextile material made up of high tenacity polypropylene staple fibers. The material is mechanically bond by a needling and heat setting process and offers greater stabilization against UV rays.

What are the advantages of applying waterproofing with the Elastem system?

  1. Passability: The roof will be passable as normal.
  2. Warranty: Up to 10 years of total protection for your cover.
  3. Good Performance: 2.5 l / M2
  4. High reflective capacity (less heat transmission).
  5. Savings: Very economical product. It also helps reduce the cost of electricity bills, as it contributes to spending less on heating and cooling (savings of up to € 200 per year).
  6. Flexibility: This liquid membrane system can apply on all types of masonry surfaces or on metallic surfaces.
  7. Complete waterproofing with the application without flame or heat.
  8. Water vapor permeability.

Has the liquid membrane Roof Waterproofing Lahore system convinced you? Do you still have more doubts? We invite you to get in touch with our technical department team for further advice.