Reasons Why Circumcision is Good for Your Husband/ Boyfriend

Laser circumcision

During a male circumcision, the foreskin is removed from the head of the penis, and the excess foreskin is cut off. Male circumcision is a surgery to remove the foreskin which covers the tip of the penis. The function of the foreskin is to protect the head of the penis and it also contributes to sexual sensations. Recent pieces of research and studies suggest that circumcision can bring many medical and sexual benefits.

A medical circumcision can also be performed to treat a medical condition or disease, such as phimosis, lichen sclerosus, recurrent balanitis, and recurrent or chronic UTIs (urinary tract infections). 

Studies reveal the benefits of male circumcision to the sexual partners

In a recent study which enrolled 455 females  whose partners had undergone circumcision were asked to report their sexual satisfaction before and after the circumcision. 

Out of those, as less as just 13 females said their sexual satisfaction was reduced after their male partner underwent circumcision. Nearly 40 % of the females said things were better and a major reason was better hygiene and appearance.

Many females reported that they have better sex as their partner took longer to achieve an orgasm. After circumcision, the male penis is a little less sensitive. Due to this, the man may last longer without having an orgasm during sex, which is often pleasing for female partners. 

Females also said their partner wanted to have sex more often, and his state of sexual satisfaction increased. It was also reported that male partners had lesser to no difficulty maintaining an erection after undergoing a circumcision procedure. Most females were pleased with having multiple orgasms during sex after their partner underwent circumcision. 

What is the effect of male circumcision on sexual pleasure?

Studies regarding sexual pleasure and libido after male circumcision status are often mixed. Although, now many published studies have enough data on adult men pre- and post-circumcision and female sexual partners who have had sex both before and after circumcision and most show uniform answers, favoring the benefits of male circumcision on sexual pleasure.

Females who had experienced sex with both circumcised and uncircumcised partners in a recent study reported a strong preference for circumcised men over uncircumcised men, both for aesthetic reasons and for sexual activities, ranging from high libido, lasting longer in bed and better hygiene.  

In several studies a significant proportion of women prefer a man to be circumcised for reasons of sexual pleasure and better hygiene. Even circumcised men enjoy sex more and can give more pleasure to their female partners than uncircumcised men.

What is the procedure of laser circumcision?

Laser circumcision is a minimally invasive surgical approach to the procedure of circumcision. It is a less invasive surgical procedure which can be completed in less than an hour. The procedure of laser circumcision involves minimal blood loss, which makes the postoperative recovery speedy, easier, and a lot less painful. Laser circumcision is performed under the influence of local or general anesthesia. 

After reaching the hospital, the patient is taken for pre-surgical medical tests and given local or general anesthesia. In case the patient is given local anesthesia, he is likely to be discharged the same day after the procedure if no complications occur. In such cases, the urologist will advise the patient to stay in the hospital for 3-5 hours after his procedure. After that, if everything seems normal, the patient can be discharged from the hospital

During the laser circumcision surgery, the laser cuts through the foreskin, reducing blood loss during the surgery. The patient would have a speedy recovery with minimal pain or swelling during the recovery. 

What are the advantages of laser circumcision over traditional circumcision?

Laser circumcision is a less invasive procedure which involves less blood loss, which helps in a faster recovery. Circumcision can be done both in infants and in adult males with the minimally invasive and pain-free laser procedure. There are various advantages of choosing laser circumcision instead of the traditional circumcision surgery, including-

  • Less invasive procedure
  • Completed under 20 minutes
  • Painless circumcision procedure
  • Minimal blood loss during surgery
  • No wound or surgical scar after the procedure
  • No risk of infection
  • No need to change dressing daily 
  • No impact on the man’s fertility 
  • Better sexual intercourse 
  • 100% success rate 
  • Can resume a normal lifestyle from the next day after surgery. 

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The medical need for male circumcision

Circumcision might be recommended as a medical need in some health conditions, including-

Phimosis- It is the condition in which the man is unable to pull back his foreskin. Phimosis can cause symptoms such as painful intercourse, infections, or pain while urinating.

Paraphimosis- It is the condition in which the foreskin gets stuck behind the penis’s head. This can restrict blood flow to the end of the penis and needs immediate medical assistance. Paraphimosis is a medical emergency and requires to be treated immediately by an expert urologist.  

Balanitis– It is the condition in which the head of the penis gets swollen. Balanitis can be caused due to an STI (sexually transmitted infection), allergy or irritation, thrush or other skin conditions. This condition cannot happen in circumcised men. The surgical procedure of laser circumcision not only treats but can also prevent the recurrence of the condition.

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Final Words

Experts believe that there are some big sex benefits to both males and females after the male circumcision.  To sum it all, here are the benefits of male circumcision- 

  • More pleasure to both the partners. 95% of men claimed that their female partners were very satisfied after they underwent circumcision. Loads of women say that they love their sex life way more after their male partner’s circumcision procedure.
  • Fewer accidents during sex- Both males and females said their sexual pleasure was heightened as they were not scared of getting hurt or having an accident during sex. This is because of longer erection with circumcised men.  
  • With lesser sensitivity to the penis, the sex lasts longer after the man has undergone circumcision. Circumcised men can last longer without having an orgasm because they become less sensitive after the removal of the foreskin.
  • Better hygiene and lower risk of STI- Various studies have revealed that circumcision lowers a man’s risk of getting STIs and STDs such as HIV, syphilis, HPV, genital herpes, and gonorrhea.

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