Private Jet Charter and Types of Private Jet

Private Jet Charter

Are you considering changing to a private jet charter? Here are some guides to know about the various private jet classes and the facilities you will enjoy. With overcrowded conditions, commercial flights aren’t a lot of fun. On the other hand, a private jet provides a new experience which is very reasonable, especially for groups travelling together. 

Unlike a commercial airplane, for a private jet, you pay one price as you are renting the complete jet, not purchasing a single seat. Therefore, the more people there are to share the price, the cheaper it is to travel by private jets. If you are new to private jets, then to guide you, here is brief info on private jets. 

  1. Very Light Jets 

Very light jets are also known as compact light jets or VLJs and are the best suited to short-haul flights. These are reasonable to run and versatile. There is space for 4 to 7 passengers on these jets and can travel up to the distance of 1174 nautical miles before the jet is required to refuel. 

2. Small Cabin jets 

Small cabin jets are also famous as light jets and are ideal for business travel. These jets have space for up to 8 passengers and maximum flight duration of 2-3 hours. You will have a toilet on board, but a flight attendant is not included. 

3. Super light jets 

If you want a light jet with a dash of luxury, choose a super light jet. It can accommodate 8 passengers with more space, high-quality touches aboard a super light jet, and comfort. With this category, you will experience there is far more room inside the cabin, which can feel very relaxing and can cover a distance of up to 2030 nautical miles. 

4. Mid-size cabin jets 

Maintaining the economy but adding more alterations for comfort, it is a midsize cabin jet. These aircraft are designed to travel faster for both short and long distances. Maximum 8 passengers can board these jets, but they’ll be travelling in a spacious environment. This can be helpful if you are taking a long flight, such as the 7 hour trip around the water to international 

5. Super Mid-size cabin 

These jets ramp up the luxury compared to the class of jet below, with just a small hike in the capacity of passengers. There is a maximum of 12 passengers who can travel in one-go, but the setting will be very spacious with room to relax and chill out. 

6. Large cabin jets 

These jets are with a capacity of ten passengers. These can take to the air for 9 hours without refuelling as it travels a total of 4000 nautical miles. 

7. Ultra long-range heavy jets 

Peek on board, and you are likely to search celebrities in the seating as this is a jet type that finds favor with top-celebrities. It is capable of flying 6500 miles and provides a home-like feeling in the sky. 

9. Bizliners 

There is no higher class of private jet than a bizliner, which provides complete flying experience. If you need a multimedia theatre, a conference room, an haute couture dining experience, then let the maker know about your requirements, and the jet will be prepared accordingly.  

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