New Ideas for Tarot reading Variety

Tarot reading Variety

There are many ways in which you can use the tarot cards for reading the future. You can also use such tarot cards for various other purposes, such as divination and problem-solving.If you have just used the tarot cards for only one particular application, you must try out the guides available on the net and also book stores that offer creative visualization for the practical applications in day-to-day life.

Ideas or tarot reading variety

If the tarot cards are used for divination, then the best book for reference is Michelsen’s The Complete Tarot Reader. This book has all the study goals, progress activities, and easy exercises for exploring the card. The book also has techniques such as reversals, dignities, timings, and large spreads. This book will also teach the readers about the relation of tarot with astrology, numerology, psychology, and mythology. You can also get assistance in dealing with complicated querents (such as whether they are customers or allies). Another book you can refer to if you are new in the field of tarot reading is What Tarot Can Do For You. Apart from giving information on the tarots, this book goes through problem-solving,meditation, journaling, and also self-improvement.

Now we will discuss how you can choose a significator card? The significator card is the querent in the tarot reading. It can be selected in four different ways, as described here.

  1. Use the Magician (a Trump of the Major Arcana of the tarot that has the number I) to represent a male querent and a female querent.
  2. Use a court card to showcase the querent based on physical coloring and also age.
  3. Select a court card that represents the personality and the age using the following age and categories :


  1. Page for a child
  2. Knight for a young man
  3. Queen for a woman
  4. King for a matured man

Physical Appearance 

  1. Wands for light-toned skin, blond hair, and blue eyes
  2. Cups for light to medium toned skin, light brown hair, and blue eyes.
  3. Pentacles for dark-skinned and dark hair and eyes.


  1. Wands is for  a fiery, passionate, energetic person
  2. Cups represent an emotional, creative person
  3. Swords showcases an intellectual, logical person
  4. Pentacles represents a down-to-earth, practical person

A new idea that you can implement while reading tarot cards is to use cards that have both upright and reversal image. It gives a sense of unity within the extremes of each card. The Star represents hope and renewal in the upright position and a lady who is looking towards the front fearlessly with the doves filling up the scene as she delivers freely into the vast universe.

According to, there are mixed opinions about reversals. While some consider them as cards that add depth, subordinate ideas to the upright meaning, others think that the reversal cards allow everyone to go beyond the limits of the known.The cards offer possibilities that are not generally visible if you wish to search the meaning with logic.


Despite their strong potential, the reversals are generally avoided or read using simple manners. There are many ways to find out if a card is good or bad. However, do not assume a false prediction that the reversal changes the good and bad attributes of the card..Even though reversals are generally considered pessimistic, these cards focus on the baseless fears that accumulate around the spirit and psyche. None of the cards are specifically either good or bad. The meanings can depend on the problem addressed.