Natural Home Remedies For Tinnitus

Home remedies for Tinnitus

Natural treatment & home remedies for tinnitus

If you are experiencing ringing or a hissing sound in the ear, that other people from your surroundings are unable to hear, it’s a clear sign that you are suffering from an ailment known as Tinnitus. There are various causes that lead to such a condition. A person suffering from Tinnitus may experience the ringing sound varying from low to high pitch or it can even remain constant.

It is a common problem that has affected a majority of the population and is founded in people over the age of 50 years. The increase in age can make the situation worse. A majority of the population suffers from subjective tinnitus as compared to objective, where the buzzing sound is only heard by the patient and not another person.

Tinnitus is majorly found in males and can even lead to hearing loss, but it’s not always the case though. As soon as you start experiencing some Tinnitus symptoms, like hissing or ringing in the inner ear canal, seeking medical advice is recommended to get effective medications for tinnitus. An expert neurologist will help you identify the underlying Tinnitus causes and will prescribe the right treatment for tinnitus.

Undergoing certain medical tests, prescribed by doctors will help you to know the severity of an ailment. Mild tinnitus symptoms can be cured at home by practicing certain tinnitus home remedies. There is no harm in practicing some natural home remedies for tinnitus along with the treatments suggested by the doctors.

 Let’s have a look at some natural treatment for tinnitus that helps in easing out the pain.

  1. Alter dietary habits

Some dietary habits can make the condition worse in patients suffering from tinnitus. Certain foods and drinks like aspirin, salt, alcohol & caffeinated beverages can trigger tinnitus symptoms and make it worse. A little alteration in eating habits can help in giving some relief from tinnitus. Give up on alcohol and reduce the intake of caffeine for treating tinnitus naturally.

  1. Quit smoking

If you are prone to smoking, giving up on it can help you in treating tinnitus symptoms. Smoking is one of the major causes that make tinnitus worse within no time. Smoking is injurious to health and everyone is well aware of the fact. It harms the blood flow to the nerve cells that are responsible for controlling the balance of hearing. Smoking can even be one of the tinnitus causes which makes the person suffer from ringing sensation and make the ringing in the ears louder.

  1. Do not stay in absolute silence

Deep silence in late nights and early mornings may bother a person more. Play soothing music in the background that helps you in distracting yourself from the ringing sound. The sounds of ocean, waves or rainfall will be soothing to the ear for people suffering from tinnitus.

  1. Meditation and yoga

Prologated tinnitus symptoms can lead to stress and anxiety, which can be treated well with regular meditation and relaxation. Meditation does not promise to cure tinnitus, but it can be used along with other treatments for tinnitus, to get some relief. Ringing in the ear is the major tinnitus cause that leads to the loss of concentration. Practicing certain postures of yoga regularly increases the focus and gives some relief to the patients.

  1. Take an adequate amount of sleep

Lack of sleep may turn tinnitus symptoms worse. A humming or a hissing sound in the ear can be experienced at a much higher pitch.

If tinnitus symptoms don’t allow you to sleep well, the deprivation of sleep will become an everyday issue. Ensure to take an adequate amount of sleep to prevent the symptoms of tinnitus. Following a regular bedtime routine will help in treating tinnitus.

  1. Exercise

Exercises resolve various issues and keep one fit and healthy. Exercising helps in coping up with tinnitus symptoms along with improving your sleep. It is advised to exercise at least three times a week. Consult your neurologist for expert guidance and advice before practicing certain exercise on own. You can start the routine by simple walking, it is counted as one of the best exercises and is a natural home remedy for tinnitus.

  1. Avoid exposure to loud music

When we talk about tinnitus causes, the first and formest cause for tinnitus is exposure to loud noise. It can even make the situation worse if continuous exposure to sound is not restricted. Protecting your hearing is a must to cure the situation. Wearing earplugs in loud music concerts or places that play loud music, can help you treat the underlying condition naturally. Using ear protection in noisy places is the best treatment for tinnitus that helps in preventing symptoms from getting worse.

  1. Ear wax removal

Building up of ear wax is one of the major causes of tinnitus symptoms. One can practice certain natural remedies to prevent the building up of ear wax. Pour one or two drops of olive oil, twice a week in the ear to prevent wax. It is considered as an effective and natural home remedy for treating tinnitus. If the wax build-up is much more than your expectation, consult a doctor for earwax removal. Make it a point not to use ballpoint pens, needles, earbuds as it will push the wax furthermore.

  1. Buy ear protection products

Ear protection products will be of much help in treating tinnitus symptoms. Invest in earplugs or noise-canceling headphones. Carry the products along whenever you visit a place with loud noise chords. It is advised to even use the products at home if you experience loud noises of drills and television.

  1. Change medication

Consult an expert neurologist, if you feel certain medication is causing tinnitus. Your doctor will advise you, about switching the medicine or will recommend reducing a certain drug that is showing side effects.

Don’t just panic when you hear a ringing sound in the ear, make an appointment with the doctor to get your ailment diagnosed, and seek the right treatment for tinnitus. Practicing natural home remedies for tinnitus along with medical treatments, help in faster recovery.