Mistakes That May Cause Pregnancy Failure

Pregnancy Failure

There can be numerous reasons for pregnancy failure or miscarriage. Depending upon different situations the complexities can also be different in nature. Miscarriage can be caused by careless activities in the initial or finals trimester. The nature of the processes can be different. Here are a few mistakes that can lead to a miscarriage or pregnancy failure at any stage. Before deciding for getting pregnant you might know the risk issues during pregnancy and avoid all the possible mistakes. Here we discuss about the mistakes that may cause for pregnancy failure. 

Lifestyle as before pregnancy

The day you get pregnant, you should consider several changes in your lifestyle. There are many unhealthy habits which can prove to be harmful during pregnancy. You need to change your lifestyle in simple. If you are in a habit of alcohol consumption or smoking. Leave it aside for the period you are carrying a baby. This will prove healthy and sound for the baby. Try to eat healthily. Your diet matters a lot during all the trimesters. So change your diet schedule and leave all such hazardous consumptions. Lifestyle directly influence on the pregnancy. However, you have to avoid the habits that may affect on your pregnancy and can be cause of pregnancy failure. 

Mental stress

Stress is the reason for miscarriages in most of the cases. Girls who become pregnant for the first time, find it difficult and uncomfortable. The stress they take becomes severe causing anxiety. Which leads to high blood pressure. The rising blood pressure is the root of other body misbalances leading to a miscarriage. So taking stress is not a good option, you can share your experience with your doctor or communicate it with your friends and family which is much better than to suffer a miscarriage. During pregnancy it is important to be free from mental stress and hard physical activities. However, you have to keep yourself away from mental stress as well as ignore issues that can be cause of stress. 

Using medicines without prescription

Some medicines increase the risk of miscarriage. So be very careful in taking medicine during pregnancy. These medicines include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, retinoid, and misoprostol, these are the medicines which can be taken without prescription but during pregnancy, the cycle becomes sensitive to several factors. So careful and mindful use of medicine is necessary for making pregnancy successful. Doctors always know better than general people. Have medicines without doctor’s advice is too risky. 

Overuse of supplements and vitamins

This is the misconception among people that taking supplements and vitamins during pregnancy makes it easy and successful. The overuse of supplements can lead to miscarriage at any stage. Just like medicines, the supplements are also for having relief and sustaining pregnancy but to a certain limit of them is good. Over dosage is always harmful during pregnancy.

Avoid wearing uncomfortable dresses and heels

Try to have comfortable and easy dressing during pregnancy so that the chances of being fallen come low. Avoid wearing heels during pregnancy, if you are wearing heels your chances of falling down are more than by any other cause. So it is highly risky to wear a dressing which may stick somewhere making you fall. So be very careful regarding what you wear and change your dressing code.

Surrogate Mother: 

Surrogacy is another alternative way of getting parenthood where surrogate mother only responsible to give birth baby and handover to the biological parents when the baby born. Whether you work as a surrogate mother you have to take extra cares of yourself because the pregnancy failing possibilities are very high for surrogate mothers. You can visit madre subrogada to learn more about surrogacy parenthood. 

Lack of sleep

During pregnancy, the body balances are already in chaos. You need complete rest and proper sleep as to get your body released from fatigue. This is the reason women lose the embryo at early stages, during the first trimester. So complete rest and maintained body processes are all the way important until the delivery. Due to stress and anxiety, the sleep gets disturbed, if it is the case so try having naps during day time. Have a healthy diet simultaneously for a sound pregnancy.

Car safety

Be extra conscious while you travel a long distance. Keep safety measures with you and use a seat belt in case any sudden event happen. You may fall asleep during the journey and any mishap lead you to suffer miscarriage or pregnancy failure.

Final thoughts

There can be many mistakes which can cause pregnancy failure, among them all the most common are the dressing code and eating habits. You need to be extra careful about the habits you follow during your pregnancy. Avoid alcohol consumption and smoking and start wearing flat slippers in which you feel comfortable to walk. Avoid self-medication as much as you can.