Memorize Quran Online Can Make Your Dream of Hifz Come True

Memorize Quran Online Can Make Your Dream of Hifz Come True
Memorize Quran Online - Best Quran Teaching

The gains of Quran memorization are reaped in the form of divine rewards, in Islam, but physically, the practice can increase IQ and boost brain health. A person’s working memory and learning skills are enhanced by memorizing a large quantity of text at an early age. If a child memorizes anything or works their brain in that way, it helps in something called the working memory. That’s why people want to memorize the Quran more than before. Those who are unable to send their children to Madrassas or people who are unable to visit this place opt to memorize Quran online.

Benefits of Quran memorization on human health:

Working memory is a part of short-term memory. The more the working memory can retain, the more an individual can learn when given new information. Working memory is improved by memorizing almost anything. This is why those who are prone to have Alzheimer’s later on in life are encouraged to do crossword puzzles. Memorizing a lot of information at a young age helps to train the brain to retain information effectively, even in old age when memory could start to falter.

From a religious point of view, if you memorize the Quran at a young age it will be much easier for you at an older age, and you are more likely to retain the information. That’s why more people want their children memorizing Quran online.

The Quran also helps people to live their lives positively on a spiritual level. So benefits you psychologically, you will be a well-rounded happy person, and cognitively it will help your memory and you will learn faster and it will help with the working memory.

Why memorize the Quran?

The Holy Quran is the word of Allah, revealed to Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ), praised in his recitation and communicated often. God swore to save the people from distortion, and it’s the last book from heaven that descended on the prophets, messengers, and for all the people.

The Arabic language is the base language of the Quran, through which people can have an excellent resource for learning and correcting their grammar.

Benefits of learning the Quran in Arabic:

One of the best ways to learn critical sciences and knowledge is by learning the Quran. A man could even get a higher rank in the world. Those who learn the Holy Quran acquire the correct language and can accurately accommodate the letters, as the pronouns have tone, free of melody and error. Online Quran memorization can help your child and even you to memorize this Holy Book accurately with proper Tajweed.

Because the Quran and the sins don’t meet in a Muslim’s heart, we find the person who learns the Quran to distance himself from sins as much as possible. The Online Hifz program is giving you an option to learn Quran online with experienced teachers.

Why memorize the Quran online?

Memorizing the Quran gives one the ability to understand the creation and the natural miracles that exist in it because there are many physical aspects mentioned in the Quran and explained in the verses. Learning and memorizing the Quran reinforces the mind. Those people who Hifzthe Quran can remember and recover knowledge more than people who do not memorize or learn the Quran.

Reading the Holy Quran and its direction gives it’s master a high status on the Day of Easter, since his state is with the angels in two alleles, and he wears his parents a crown of light as promised by the Prophet (ﷺ).

No doubt, every person who continues reading and memorizing the Quran online changes his life boldly and the protection of the Great Quran on the health of the guardian, whether physical or moral.

General principles of Quran memorization:

There are very important general principles to memorize the Holy Quran the must be known.

  1. Sincere intention

To be sincere in your intentions is the key to acceptance of any work and therefore its success. It is to do anything for the sake of Allah and not to participate in anyone or anything with him.

  1. Heart Free of Sins

Try to make your heart clean of sins. As memorization of the Quran requires an attentive mind and heart. That is because the Heart is not just a piece of flesh located on the left-hand side of the chest, its role is greater than that. Tawbah (repentance) cleans and purifies the heart while sins blind and darken it. Online Hifz can help you in cleansing your heart.

  1. True Azimah (will and power)

It’s time to move forward and begin memorizing Quran. Sabr (Patience) to memorize, diligence, and working smart and hard is mainly needed.

  1. The Organized Good Way

If this way applied properly, memorizing Quran online will be an easy matter for you.

Steps to Memorize Quran online:

  1. Everyone has a way of memorizing something. So, use what is more comfortable for you. While you are memorizing, make sure that your tajweed is correct. The online Hifz tutor is very important to follow you up and to correct your recitation.
  2. Repeat, recite and read up to 2o times after making sure you memorized the verse you want to memorize.
  3. Try to understand the meaning of verses and feel their beauty. This will help you a lot while memorizing. Thus you can easily learn these things in online Hifz classes.
  4. As it is very important to revise what you have memorized one more time and another time before sleeping and the most effective way to keep your memorization. It can help in learning new languages also.
  5. After memorization, revision is much more important. That is the most important way recommended by online Hifz Academy to memorize Quran easily.

In this way, with the permission of Allah, you can memorize Quran online easily.