Meaning Behind 6 Different Types of Popular Funeral Flowers

Funeral Flowers

Offering sympathy and comfort to the grieving family members is very important. It shows that you are with them in this hour of their grief.

To show your respect, love, and remembrance through flowers is an old concept that is still going strong in this modern era.

If you are wondering which types of flowers are appropriate to include in your sympathy. Bouquet for your friend or family member, then you have reached the right place.

Here, we have researched and found different types of flowers for the funeral.

So, let’s get ahead:

6 flowers that are popularly used for funeral arrangements and the symbolic meaning.

Different flowers and colors convey different meanings and you should know more about them before you make the funeral flower selection.


Rose is one of the most popular flowers that is loved and admired all over the world.

This beautiful flower can be offered both on happy as well as on sad occasions.

In ancient Greek mythology, the rose symbolizes deep love and sorrow.

Rose comes in multiple colors. You can use red, pink, black, orange, or white roses for funeral arrangements.

For example, the black rose symbolizes the final farewell or death and it’s intimately connected with funerals.

The red rose on the other hand means never-ending love and is perfect for someone who is saying his/her final farewell to the spouse.

The White Rose represents the purity of soul and virtue and is the best funeral flower for a child or a close friend.


Orchids are extremely lovely looking flowers that grow in multiple colors and are perfect for funeral arrangements.

The orchid flower signifies beauty and love.

If you are selecting an orchard as a funeral flower for a soldier or someone who has battled a lung disease and finally succumbed to it. Then you should choose red orchids that symbolize strength and valor.

If you are choosing orchards for a lady or a girl, then pink orchards would be the right choice.It means grace, femininity, and innocence.

If it is your misfortune to attend the funeral of a young child, then you can show your heartfelt condolences through a blue orchid.

The white orchard is a very popular funeral flower that signifies beauty and grace.


The lily is known throughout the world for its divine looks and this reason, for centuries, it symbolized purity and divinity.

There are different types and colors of lilies, each one of which signifies something different.

For funeral flower arrangement, you cannot go wrong with white lilies that mean virtuousness and purity.

If you are trying to select condolence flowers, then we suggest that you should choose the white stargazer lily as it conveys sympathy.

You can also use the oriental lily as a funeral flower because it represents eternal life.


The Tulip is another popular funeral flower that is known all over the world for its stylish looks.

According to the Turkish legend, this flower symbolizes paradise on earth.

The simplicity and attractive look of this flower makes it a popular funeral flower.

This flower is available in multiple colors and each one of them has their distinct meanings.

White tulips are the most common funeral flower that signifies heaven and eternity.

If you are selecting a funeral flower for someone very close to you, then you can choose either the cream-colored tulips. That symbolizes eternal love or the red tulips that mean deep love. are selecting a funeral flower for your friend or co-worker, then you cannot go wrong with pink tulips that mean caring and warmth.

If you are going to the funeral of military personnel, then you should choose a maroon black tulip that conveys strength and power.


Daisies are one of the most beautiful, and graceful flowers you will find.

If you are looking for funeral flowers, then different types of daisies would be perfect for any funeral floral arrangement.

The Michaelmas daisy conveys farewell, therefore, it is a perfect choice to say your final farewell to the departed soul through this flower.

The Gerbera Daisy occurs in bright white, red, or pink colors, which, when arranged with ferns shows sincerity, which is appropriate for a funeral flower arrangement.

If you wish to show your deep-felt love at the funeral of your mother or grandmother. Then the English daisy and primrose pairing which means mother love is just right for the occasion.


Carnation flowers due to their attractive looks and refined beauty are popular all over the world.

In ancient Greece, these flowers were referred to as the flowers of the Gods.

The Carnation flowers are very popular funeral flowers because of their variety and symbolism of each color of this flower.

For example, the red Carnation symbolizes eternal love and is the perfect choice to commemorate the life of someone who had left a deep impact on your own.

The pink carnation is appropriate for the funeral of such a person towards whom you feel grateful.

The white carnation symbolizes the purity of love, faithfulness, and innocence.


We hope that we have given you relevant information regarding different funeral flowers and their symbolic meaning.

Moreover, you can also order funeral flowers online as per your requirement and share your feelings with the person.

With reference in your mind, you can select an arrangement of flowers that would be more appropriate. For your relationship with the deceased person.

Thus, choose the best flower arrangement and convey your final farewell to the person you loved, respected, or admired.