10 Best Experiences to Have on Luxury Tour of India


India is a wide country known for its numerous attractions and interesting things to do. This incredible country offers some exciting places to visit and amazing travel experiences to its visitors. People, who are searching for some luxury options, India is a country satisfying thousands of its visitors with loads of luxury experiences in the Royal Indian style.
Here we have mentioned some best luxury experiences to enjoy in India that you can add up to your journey while doing luxury tours of India.

1. Visit Floating Palace for Unforgettable ExperiencesUdaipur Floating Palaces, Best place to go on luxury tours of India

Situated in Udaipur, The floating palace is also known as Lake Palace and famous for its regal lavishness and luxury stays. The Lake Pichola holds a delight around the Lake Palace which was an imperial royal residence and now transformed into a luxury five-star resort. It is the correct decision to remain in Udaipur to have the joy of solace and majestic touch.

The Lake Palace is outstanding for its cordiality and humble administrations. Here you can remain in rooms or imperial suites which are loaded up with world-class luxuries and the eating places with finger licking traditional cuisines. Furthermore, the Spa treatments, swimming pool, and fitness center are also offered by the palace that will rejuvenate body and soul.

2. Travel in Palace on Wheels

best experience have on luxury tours in India, visit palace on wheels train

Being one of the most luxurious and first luxury trains in India, traveling in Palace on Wheels train is like a dream come true for luxury seekers. The train passes through many major destinations of the state Rajasthan. This train is loaded with all luxury amenities and facilities that usually a 5-star luxury hotel provides.

While traveling in this train it will feel like a 5-star luxury resort equipped with a bar and parlor, an eatery with many delicious dishes, a meeting vehicle, spa, and fitness center and so on. Each room in this train is well-structured with fine furniture and all facilities.

3. Cruising in Kerala Backwaters

best experience on luxury tours india, cruising at kerela backwaters

Also known as “God’s Own Country”, Kerala is another beautiful destination on your Luxury tours of India that attracts thousands of tourists with its natural beauty and interesting activities to do. Everybody who visits Kerala can’t afford to miss out cruising on backwaters. Kerala is one place known for its luxury houseboat stays which fulfills all the needs and requirements of a luxury seeker. Spend some time here with your partners and loved ones and get a lifetime experience of real luxury in India.

While riding in Kerala houseboats, you will be surrounded by many beautiful small villages with so many attractions to see.

4. Experience Ayurveda at the Himalayas

While traveling in India, it would be common to get stressed. For them, Ayurveda spa treatment is the best remedy in a wonderful and peaceful air at the Himalayas. In the Himalayas, there significantly a number of spa resorts that offer the most relaxing spa treatments, massages, interesting medications, and amazing therapies to get relax from stress.

The most rumored spa resort here is Ananda situated at the lower regions of the Himalayas close Rishikesh. Here in this hotel, you will get the satisfying air encompassed by lovely beautiful views of greenery and hills and your mind will get refreshed and ready for the next journey.

5. Visit Some Exotic Beaches of India

beaches in India, best places to go on luxury tours in India

There are many exciting and exotic beaches in India which offers numerous attractions and adventurous activities that makes India a great destination for adventure and fun. India is a peninsular nation, as it is home to many beaches and attractions. The ideal places to explore such beaches in India are Goa and Andaman & Nicobar offering so many beach islands surrounded by natural beauty.

There are so many luxury hotels and resorts nearby these beaches that offer you a cool and pleasant environment to stay. You can click pictures all day and even night while staying in these hotels. Apar for this, these beaches also offer some exciting water activities such as snorkeling, swimming, speed boat rides, scuba divings, and seabed stroll for adventure and thrill lovers.

6. Stay in a Tree House

tree house stay in Kerala, best thing to experience on luxury tours of India

Staying in a tree house is like a dream come true that you seen in your childhood. It will be so exciting to be in a tree house which will be encompassed by rich greenery and a wonderful environment. You may feel like to stay there always and to appreciate the joy of nature.

Kerala is one of the best spots who offers such destinations where you can stay in a tree house. Kerala’s tree houses are famous due to surrounded by natural beauty and greenery. You will enjoy all the pure natural beauty around and classic facilities at these tree houses.

7. Moon Light Dinner at The Thar Desert in Rajasthan

dinner at thar desert camp, best thing to do on luxury tours of India

Nothing can be better than enjoying a romantic dinner with your partner at the Thar desert of Rajasthan in the moonlight. It would be a great moment in your life that you will never forget in your whole life. The experience of evening glow supper at the Thar Desert is so great and charming one under the brilliant stars and everything quiet around you.

The Thar Desert offers you all the necessary amenities and services like Verandah, lamps, candles with the delicious cuisines of the world. You can also take a camel safari in the early morning to enjoy the pleasant environment of the desert.

These experiences to have on your Luxury Tours of India will blow your mind and take your heart away for a while.