Learn Chinese HSK 1 With Fun!-UAE

learn Chinese language HSK

Are you running confused that from where to learn Chinese? Have you not decided yet that which platform would be right to start? However, you are not alone since there are many like you. It happens with most of us. Learning a new language is not an easy task at all. But if you get enrolled in the right platform, you will not find learning Chinese impossible at all.

Best Tips To learn the Chinese Language –

These tips will help you to enjoy the Chinese language learning process from Happymandarin:chinese-_class_dubai


  • Courage to speak

Make mistakes to learn from mistakes. Nobody expects from a foreigner perfectionism in Chinese. Have the courage to say something wrong, or maybe even go wrong. Or just start babbling. A new word, a new sentence, becomes more and more imprinted when one tries to use it, even if it is mispronounced at the beginning. You will learn a lot from the mistakes; you have to dare to make the mistakes!

  • Memorizing short sentences from everyday life

It is often helpful to remember the new vocabulary in context within a sentence structure. Consider a sentence that you frequently use in everyday life, incorporate into this the new vocabulary, and thus keeps the terminology better in mind! So, you not only practice the common sentences and phrases but learn the new vocabulary instantly!

  • Tandem Partners

An excellent way to practice and learn the Chinese language HSK 1 is with a tandem partner system. One coordinates time and place among each other, exchanges in both languages, and in the end, both have done something for their language learning progress.

  • Participate in Language Exchange Rounds

Professional moderators bring together foreign participants who want to learn Chinese as well as Chinese students who wish to improve their English in a variety of roundtables.

  • Optimal time management

You should plan a regular time to learn Chinese language HSK 1. For example, you learn about 30 minutes and then take a break. The longer you study without breaks, the more ineffective you learn because the concentration wears off over time. Thus, pauses of 5-10 minutes between each lesson are recommended.

  • Index Card System

Very popular and easy to use is the method of index cards. On the front of the index cards, you write the Chinese term in Pinyin as well as the Chinese character. On the back, you write the English translation and possibly other relevant information.

Then put all the index cards in a box with five compartments. Each subject represents learning progress here. The application of the index card system is effortless: First, put all card index cards in the first slot. For each correctly answered question, insert the card into a pocket, with each wrong answer; put the card back into the box.


Learning Chinese can bring a lot of fun if you practice the lingua correctly. To become an active learner, one can go for an index card system, participate in language exchange rounds, look for a tandem partner, and optimally manage the time. Read on to know more!