Who are Kristen Welker’s Parents, Ethnicity, Children And Net Worth

Kristen Welker

Kristen Welker is a well-known American television journalist. She is one of the popular journalists in NBC news. Now she is forty four years old. Also she worked as a moderator for Donald Trump and Joe Biden on October 22, 2020. Kristen Welker parents are very supportive of her career. Her father is a white man and his mother belongs to African-American. Moroever both of her parents are also registered democrats. So as a family they have great deal of understanding of politics. They also donated money to the Democratic political candidates which drew criticism from Donald Trump. You can find all the details about Kristen Welker and her parents here. 

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✔ Real Name Kristen Welker
✔ Birthday 1 July 1976
✔ Birthplace Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
✔ Zodiac Sign Cancer
✔ Nationality American
✔ Height 1.93 m
✔ Profession Television Journalist, NBC News
Kristen Welker Ethnicity Biracial
Children 130 Kg
Education Harvard University (‎BA‎)‎
✔ Husband John Hughes (m. 2017)
✔ Parents Harvey Welker (Father), Julie Welker (Mother)
✔ Net Worth $3 Million

What do we know Kristen Welker parents? 

The name of Welker’s mother is Julie Welker. She is working as a real estate agent. Then the name of her father is Harvey Welker and he is an engineer. They raised their daughter in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. Also she graduated from Germantown Friends School in Philadelphia. On 2008 she went to Harvard College. Her major was history and she graduated with honours. 

About Kristen Welker career 

Welker started to work in ABC affiliates WLNE-TV and KRCR-TV i. Then on 2005 she joined NBC and served as a reporter and weekend anchor. After that she joined NBC News as a correspondent in 2010. Later she became a NBC White House correspondent. 

She represents MSNBC at the White House press briefings. Moroever she also reports live. Sometimes she even appears on NBC Nightly News and Today. On 2020 she became the co-anchor of Weekend Today. In the same year she also received Outstanding Journalist in Broadcast Television award for her talents. 

How active are her parents in politics? 

One time Julie Welker ran for a place in Philadelphia’s city council in 1995. For many years they are supporting the democrats as a family. On the other hand Harvey Welker is a consulting engineer in Pennsylvania. He went to Dartmouth College and a graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering. Then he also earned his Master’s degree. He was a good football player at his school. Kristen Welker has shared the pictures of his dad in his college days in her social media account. 

Some of the politicians they supported are Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. The Welkers donated $23,000 for the Obama campaign between 2008 and 2012. They also have attended many events in the White House. 

Because of her parent’s political affiliation Kristen has received criticism from politicians like Donald Trump. He accused her of being biased during the debate between him and Biden. Also he called her terrible and unfair. Then he said that she is supporting anti-Trump activism. 

Welker can vote in Washington DC however she is not yet affiliated to any party. Moroever during her career she also tipped off a person belonging to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2016. So from that time onwards she is not affiliated to any party. 

Who is the husband of Kristen Welker? 

Kristen Welker’s husband is John Hughes who is a forty seven years old marketing executive. They married on 2017 at the Bellevue Hotel in Philadelphia. This place was very near to the place they dated. Also the couple celebrate their first date anniversary every year. Welker has shared that it was a magical moment for them so they try to recreate it. 

What is the net worth of Kristen Welker? 

The net worth of Welker is $3 million. She is one of the best journalists in NBC. She also has received many awards for her career achievements. Also she has shared how woman aspiring to become journalist can achieve their dreams. She asks them to be confident and prepared. Welker got her first internship in Today because she kept on applying for it. She never stopped trying so she wants other women also to try. Moroever if a person works hard and is quite determined he can have a break in journalism. That is why the annual salary of Welker was $101.916 and now it has increased to $118.036. 


Kristen Welker is a great TV News journalist. She also comes from a great family. That is why she is able to succeed in life. 

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